Don't move

Stupid? So that's how he will call me huh.. "What robot?" I said, calling him with the nickname I made. I didn't bother to smile, simply since his expression is expressionless, I feel like my fake cheerfulness can't handle it.

"My table got in a mess. Please clean it," He said in a monotone voice before leaving. I grab the cleaning towel and spray to do what he asked, before heading to his table.

"Clean it faster, I have a lot more to do," he said.

I scoffed at that. I faced him and mockingly smiled, "Of course, sir," With that, I started to pile the cups and tissues there, the strawberry pink ice cream was sprawled all over the table so just to mock him more, I slowly wiped it, then turned to look at my back to catch a glimpse of him standing away from the table, clenching his fist and staring straight at me.

Good. He's annoyed.

Satisfied at his reaction, I finally finished the remaining job and said, "All done, sir. You can now-" I can't fin

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