Mrs. Hudson

Thank goodness I managed to convince Eion to stop by the reception after making out with him in the car. 

The reception was at Hudson’s villa, where Eion’s childhood friend, Mario was serving. I spotted him and smiled at him. “Glad you’re still working here, Mario.”

He bowed a bit, “Even I’m amazed why Eion didn’t fire me. Anyways, I’m wishing you a happy marriage, Ms. Snow.” He then whispered, “I knew you two would end up with each other.” He said with a wink, and before I could even reply, he walked away. 

“What was that?” Asked Eion when he caught up to me as he was parking the car earlier.

“Oh, nothing. It’s Mario being Mario.” I replied. 


This is the end for His Winter Heart! Thank you for sticking by! Youre comments reallly motivates me to write and it brightens up my day ^_^ Don’t worry, if you still want to see a more, I will be continuing this as a series and book 2 is going to be Sereia’s story, Eion’s cousin with the title CHANGING THE BILLIONAIRE’S HEART. Snow and Eion will appear there every now and there and I added more details there;) If you find this impossible to read, I apologize. I did my best in editing it as this has been the very first novel I created last 2016. Want more updates? Add my *** page: faith stories

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