"Janelle!!!, you know you have to go to his house, right now I ain't telling you to go catch some fun with him, your work for him should not ever interfere with both of your personal lives.

Just go please, I don't want some bunch of hefty men coming here to drag you up your feet and Carter you away like some mother fuckers", Steff yelled.

Janelle groaned, "The fuck Steff!!, this should not be one of your problems, it's mine do please stop taunting me, I get to do what I want, stop ordering me around like though I am a toddler or like though I can't ...... just please let me be", Janelle snapped as she slumped on the couch.

"Suite yourself, and no one is treating you like a toddler, you came back on Monday morning complaining about how your mum took him in and they both talked even after you had warned her not to do such.

Now can you see the difference between you and your mum?, I know you don't, I would h

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