"It's no other person than Madok Zadir", she bellowed.

Emir Abdul paused, his neck snapped to look at her, "Tell me you are joking", he snapped.

"Joking?, would I come all the way from my room to bring such disheartening news to you?, why would I want to taint your son's reputation just like that, I won't lie to you, you can call the victim for questioning", she boomed.

"Allah!!", he cursed.

His eyes watered, he remembered his verdict, he could not just go back and change his words, he had given his words to this woman sitting here.

Even at that, Abdul won't go back, but he would still investigate, it would be a thorough one, to make sure all she said is true and it wasn't just false words.

He bent his head low, his eyes watered, he cleaned it off immediately so as not to give himself away in front of Mrs Robson.

"Does Amancia knows about this?", he calmly asked.

"I don't think so, I rea

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