Khalid came back from work, tired, very tired, he wasn't closed for the day, but the thought of Fiona being at home waiting for him, made him to rush through the meeting he had with his business partners so quickly.

He had even set a timer, so that once it was 4:10 pm, whatever they wanted to say would stop, until the next time they had another meeting.

  "Sir but....", his secretary was about complaining that they still had a very important discussion between him and his business partners, when Khalids' glare made him shut up.

"A.. al-alright Sir", his secretary stuttered and flee.

He smiled to himself, he had never felt so complete, she had accepted her love for him, what else did he ever wanted in his life, he always got what he wanted, and now..... Fiona was one of his greatest accomplishment.

   He put a call across to her, he was already in his Black tinted Lamborghini, driving bac

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