"Seriously, last night was the best day of my life, tho the night started roughly, it ended well. I have always had this soft spot for him, and the worst part is I have always misjudged him.

In that worst state of mine, I was expecting him to use me as the slut I am, I thought he would just come and finish up what his best friend started but instead, he treated me like am an egg that needs not to be broken.

He carried me in his arms, from where I had cuddled myself on the floor, he apologized to me over what his bestfriend did.

I was so shocked when he opened that beautiful mouth of his, to apologise, at that point I wanted nothing other than to kiss that sensuous mouth of his.

He didn't even try to harm me, he treated me like a woman, he kept looking at me with a look of appraisal.

I thought he just didn't want to touch me because I have been used frequently by his bestfriend, the prince, but guess what?" She asked her friends.

They were started by her words, as they were so lost in her tales, they felt like she was narrating a fairy tale, they answered her," common go on girl, you know we ain't good at guess works, did he kiss you or what, please don't keep us hanging, let's know what he did, ohh, he's so good"

She quickly said, "I saw it", "you saw what?", They asked.

"I saw the hint of his arousal, his male hardness poked his jean trouser, I could feel it twitch occasionally, that definitely means what?", She asked, "it meant he was aroused", they all said nodding their head positively.

She frowned immediately and replied, "I guess y'all ain't listening to me, rather you're all envisioning him with you guys, don't you guys get it, he was aroused because of me, a man can't just get aroused at any woman, unless he seems your body fit, at least even though he doesn't like me, I'm happy with the fact that he sees my body beautiful".

"Whoa!!!!, Girl, you're really lucky, I mean throughout my stay here, I have never been carried to bed, it's either, HEY TO THE TABLE, OR GIVE ME YOUR BACK", Sandra one of my friends whined sadly.

I guess hers' is just the worst here, as she's a new recruit so everyone wanna have a third of her.

I don't really blame them tho, she has killer curves, while I'm just the slim and slender, not bad tho, but I love my figure.

Everywhere was silent, I decided to break the silence," you know what happened also?, He decided to spend the night with me, after I had pleaded with him to do so.

He didn't even say anything, I felt a hint of protectiveness when he quickly shut the door, bolted the lock, and came in beside me.

Girls you can't even imagine what happened next after that", I rasped, they gave me a go ahead to continue with what I was saying. I quickly added, "we cuddled to sleep".

They all kept quiet, after which they all muttered an "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, damn, that's the mildest romance ever".

I Chuckled at their words. I checked the time It was 2pm in the afternoon. I don't know but after yesterday I wanted to be looking so good for him whenever he comes here.

"Babes, please I will be heading to the salon down town, just in case Mama ABIDA asks of my whereabouts, okay??".

We all hugged, before I left, not without them saying" go girl, we all know you wanna go meet him".

I blushed to the roots of my hair before saying, "I wish".


I have been in Rashids'house for the past thirty minutes, but no sign of him coming out, did Dargok tell him I came looking for him?, I asked myself

I don't know but, Rashid has just been acting strange, I don't know how to get through him this time around.

He knows all the tactics I use in getting him to tell me his worries, so I bet no chance with what could be able to get through him.

I can take it no longer, I immediately ran all the way upstairs, I didn't bother knocking as I just quickly opened the door.

WTF!!!!, So he has been sleeping all this while, and I have been downstairs waiting my assess off. He quickly rushed into the bathroom to get some water, which he wanted to pour on the face of Rashid.

He had collected the water, and was about to turn around when his face hit a hard chest, he looked up and grinned wickedly as he saw Rashid looking down at him. He quickly poured the scope of water and started laughing hysterically.

"Man what was that for?", Rashid asked, "I wanted to use it to wash the sleep out of your eyes, you motherfucker!!!.

Do I look like a junkie to you, while I was downstairs worrying about how you were faring, you were up here having the best sleep ever.

You're just lucky, I am in a good mood today, if not, anyways, Man you haven't been going to work, is there any problem?", Khalid queried.

"There's actually no problem, I want to breath in a fresh air, I want to leave this Qatar for a new place, to clear my head and get things together.

I would have gone but you know my father, he wouldn't even want to hear such utterances from my mouth.

I wish a business proposal which requires me to leave this country would definitely come, I earnestly pray for it". He said.

"What happened the other night at the lounge and club, you never share your ladies, that was actually the first time of you telling me to finish up for you.

Is there anything you're not telling me?"he asked. "Did you finish the stuff with her?", Rashid asked.

Khalid tried to feign ignorance by asking"who is she, what are you talking about?", "You heard me well Khalid, I want to know your stance, and for the record am talking about Fiona!!", Rashid said

"E-er-er-eemmmm no, I just couldn't do so, after you had used her so roughly, I'm not a monster like you", Khalid stuttered.

Immediately he said that, Rashid broke into an uncontrollable laughter,"someone likes someone", he said. "You know after all these while I thought you'd never fall in love again, but, here you're.

But man, I swear you're such a douchebag, how can you see the woman you love being used by a friend and you couldn't do anything!!!", He rasped

"It's not like I love her, but you know I didn't want to jeopardize her situation, I decided to play calm".

"Alright, you didn't wanna jeopardize her situation, but you were rockhard, that the following morning you had blue balls.

Or the fact that you don't have a thing for her, yet you cuddled with her till the following morning. Which should I believe my dearest best friend", Rashid recited enthusiastically.

"Who told you all this, ohh I've forgotten you're the BIG DOG, so you just sniff your way through", he replied.

"That wasn't what I asked you, okay let me make it easier for you, I think I want to have some fun, why don't we just go to Noir lounge and club, huhhhh!!, What do you say to that?", He whined.

"Okay it's alright, I really like her, and will want her to be removed from your exclusive sex worker, please what do you say to that", he asked.

Rashid arched a brow, and acted like he was giving it a second thought, before he chuckled and said, "let's make a deal, that would be only if you send me your nudes".

"You're not serious, did you just hear yourself, I mean who does that to his best friend", he growled

"When you're ready to make the deal, do let me know, but, seems like you're not, let me take a short nap then", Khalid said.

"Alright then, at least I've got the muscles, but please reconsider this, I hope you're not trying to blackmail me??", Khalid queried.

Click, click, click

"All done now your back", Rashid ordered khalid to turn his back, so he could take the picture of his ass, as he smiled about how well muscled his besfriend is.

"All done, now you can wear your clothes and walk out of my room" Rashid said while chuckling heartily.

"Next time, will definitely be your turn, and I swear, I will make you video yourself while you jerk off", Khalid said rather bitterly.

"This is what you keep saying everyday, my ol'boi", alright boy time up, start going down, you got a nice ass tho", he commented and laid back on the bed, few minutes and he slept off.

Khalid quickly wore his clothes and sulked all the way downstairs.


I was smiling and was about getting down from my car, when I got a message from my mail, I wanted to ignore it but more came from the same person, and this came from an unknown email

I swiftly moved into the car back, I unlocked my phone and tapped on my mail box. I opened the mail sent to me

I quickly covered my mouth, I looked around to check if someone was watching. I decided against opening the second mail, until I get back home.



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