Blaze is surprised to hear her words.

'That night was a mistake?' he thought with amusement.

'No my Bella, it's not a mistake. I kept avoiding women all my life, now I like a woman, but she thinks our time together is a mistake? Damn it, woman, how should I make you understand that it's not a mistake? That night, in that forest, it was the night of the bridal run. If she was not willing, then what was she doing there? Isn't she one of the participants? What is going on here? Nothing which happens that night is considered a mistake. Then what is this?' Blaze thought with confusion.

'Now I need answers. She is the only one who can answer those questions' he thought.

All night, her thoughts and her scent kept assaulting him. He had little to no sleep at all.

The next day, he waited for her to come to the forest to collect those tea leaves. But to his disappointment, she didn't. It was almost time for the moonrise when her unique scent assaulted his no

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Jasmine Taylor
I think you need to proofread properly or stop rushing for your writers... chapters need to be longer, otherwise the plot is good...
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Princess Irene Zapico
shit why i can't open the next chapter.the hell why suddenly despair every 2 hours unlock ?
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Bella Jersey
Damn she just dropped a red flag in from of a dragon

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