She doesn't like him

Scott looked at his wife with shock.

It's so unlike Elvina to insult their guests like this.

"What is wrong with you Elvina? You are embaressing Murry" Scott said with a frown.

Elvina glared at Murry, when Scott was not looking at her.

"I am not trying to embaress any one dear, but I am just stating a fact" Elvina defended.

Scott sighed. He too know his daughter dosen't like Murry. But all his friends are already asking him why no dragon has claimed Arabella. They were all very sure that atleast one girl from their village would become a Dragon's bride. But after Arabella came back with out being claimed, he lied to them that she like someone else to save face.

Now he has to make his lie a truth and marry his daughter off as soon as possible. But to his bad luck, no matter who ever comes to meet his daughter, they always ended up being duds. 

He was left with no other option but to ask his friend to send his son. As Murry always liked A

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Bella Jersey
Poor Bella she has to deal shark boy and scared to death Cameron could find her

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