The Feral Beauty
The Feral Beauty
Author: GG

Chapter One

Mom, can I please go on a date with Tyler? He is the only boy my age and it would be nice feeling like an adult for once." Hearing the laughter roll out from my mom's lips made me angry. I don't understand why my parents have to be so protective over me all the time. Our home is extremely safe and we are all one big family.

"No means no Nix. I know it's hard for you to understand but there is no dating until your mate is found. You are only twelve for goodness sakes, why must you grow up so fast?" Leaning down, I watch as my mom gathers produce from the garden. Crossing my arms over my chest, I think about the reason why I feel the need to spend time with him.

Maybe because Tyler is the only wolf of my age and he is quite cute. The moment he asked me on a date, I felt the butterflies flutter inside. That must mean something right? Maybe, just maybe Tyler could be my mate.

A smile grew on my face as I knelt down to my mom helping her pick the ripe tomatoes. "I think Tyler is my mate." Proudly I say as my mom's hands stop moving while her face turns towards me with a serious expression. "Listen Nix, I know for a fact that Tyler is not your mate. There is a man out there that is so much more. I want you to grow and travel the world once you are old enough. Not being stuck here like your father and I. We love you so much and want much more than this for you."

Why doesn't she want me being like them? I feel loved and safe in our community and my parents are so in love. That is all I want in life is having a love like theirs. When my mom walks in the front door from a day's worth of gardening and working outside, my father grabs hold of her and places a kiss against her lips. That is the love I want, not going out and traveling alone.

"I heard what you and dad talked about. Wolf communities disappearing and our kind is becoming smaller. If I travel, what if I never find another wolf. What if we are the only ones left?" Worry sets inside me thinking about our kind going extinct. We had such a large group when I was younger but as the elders started dying and our hunters went missing, our town is now very small.

My mom raised her hand to the side of my face making me look up to her. "Don't worry about that love. You don't need to be with a wolf. Be with a man that loves you unconditionally and gives you the world he stands on. I promise to raise you into an amazing woman but for now, enjoy being a kid." Nodding my head, I smile as she wraps her arms around me.

As we enjoy our moment, a loud boom came from town making us jump in fright. Turning in a hurry, gray smoke erupted in the distance along with screams. Standing, I start heading towards our home as my mom grabbed hold of my arm. "No Nix. You need to hide. I will go find your father but I need to you run..." Shaking my head, tears well in my eyes looking from the smoke-filled town to my mom. I have never been so scared in my life and now she wants me to run?

"Now Nix!" She yelled pushing me towards the woods. Starting to run, faster than my legs could take me. I have yet been able to shift due to my age but my legs will have too due. Turning to look, my mom is out of sight and the screams become horrific. Feeling the tears well in my eyes, I continue to run through the forest.

Waking in panic, I jump out of bed as I look through all the windows in my home. With nothing in sight, my heart starts to calm trying to get the memories out of my head. I need to find a way to make these dreams stop. The memories of my parents are hard enough, I don't need to be reminded of the deaths that came with it. The horror I saw with my own eyes has changed me as a person.

Walking to the bathroom, I turn on the faucet for the sink and splash water on my face trying to clear my mind. Grabbing hold of the towel, I place it on my face while sitting up and looking into the mirror. Feeling a ting at my heart, all I see when I look in the mirror is my mom. As I started to grow, I became strong but I also look just like her. The woman that raised me into who I am now and I will forever follow in her footsteps.

Taking a deep breath, I walk out the bathroom and headed for the kitchen to find something to eat. Opening the fridge, it was completely empty. I sigh while closing the door and head for the table to grab an apple.

I have been alone since my community was killed. A few days of me hiding in the woods, I went back and saw what those monsters did. All of the homes were burned to the ground and they left my people dead, laying across town with no care in the world. They didn't even have the dignity to burn them, they all were left there to rot and be eaten by the wildlife. Once I returned, I managed to bury each one in our family's cemetery so their souls could rest. It helped me come to peace having a place to visit and talk with each one. Tomorrow is the ten-year anniversary and it still hurts like it was yesterday.

Ever since then, I rebuilt a small home for me in hopes to be undetected. I have been quite lucky but with this uneasy feeling sinking deep inside of me, I know something is coming. Not knowing what it is, I need to prepare myself for anything that might happen.

In the distance, I hear a twig snap breaking me of my thoughts. Walking slowly towards the window, I peek out and see two men walking in the distance wearing some bright clothes and some that blend. "Why do they think having that clothing on is a good idea? I literally can spot them a mile away." Shaking my head, I grab hold of my hunting stick and head for the side door. It was a big mistake for them to come out here... 

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