Chapter Seven

"You going to kill me?" His low husky voice rumbled through me and as I stood above him holding my grip, he was able hold back my strength. Watching him closely, I watch before my eyes as his gash slowly heals before my eyes. Releasing the stick, I jump off the bed and back away from this man before me.

"What are you." I whisper as my back is met with the wall. The man slowly rose from the bed and gathered on his feet. As he walked towards me, there was no gimp or flaw in his stride. "The real question is, what are you?" Slowing, he continued to walk towards me and just before I was able to feel his breath on my skin, he broke my stick with one hand. "It can't be..." Looking him over, I was unable to sense it in him.

"Why not, you don't believe you are the last of our kind do you?" Taking one last step towards me as he rose his hand and placed it along my face bushing the hair behind my ear. The contact causing me to close my eyes as a weight felt like it was lifted off of me. If I was not the last one on this earth, where have they been hiding all this time.

Opening my eyes, I watch him lean in and bring my hair to his face, inhaling my sent deep within him. "How did you survive?" A chuckle erupted from his chest as he backed away and started looking me over. "We live in hiding still but with the humans. They know nothing about who we are still and living this way..." Waving his arm around my home as he shook his head. Waiting for his next words, he placed one hand against the wall beside my head while leaning into me. Feeling his hot breath along my lips made my heart race. I don't like things I am unsure of and this feeling brewing inside has me terrified.

"Living this way is how you get yourself killed." Not leaving his eyes, I place my arms on his chest and the moment sparks flew through my fingers, I grabbed hold of his shirt and threw him across the room. "Tell me your name." I demanded panting as I paced the room waiting for him to rise. Watching him closely, a grin grew on his face as lifted himself off the floor and charged after me.

"You are quite strong for a she wolf." Being throw off by his words, he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall. Clawing at his hands, I try to break free from his tight grip but there was no use. "Stop fighting me. We need to save our kind, not be against each other. I know this will be a process to get you grounded but you need to try." Staying calm, I take small breaths and once he released my throat, I grasp it trying to rub away the feeling of defeat. 

"Did you know about me?" Slowly he backed away and sat on the bed with his hand running through his hair. With no response, I take a step closer and just as his head rose, hope filled inside of me. "I will ask you one last time. Are you Tyler and how did you know about me?" Watching his head shake, sadness washed over me realizing I will never see him again. "I am not Tyler. I was honest when I first met you, my name is Jack and I have been having dreams about you. I never knew when I would meet you so I kept traveling in hopes you would find me. Never did I think you would have been here."

"I want you to leave." I demand as I walked out of the room and headed for the kitchen. This has been a long day and due to him scaring my deer, I need spend the remaining part of the day hunting. 

Grabbing another stick, I take a seat at the table and start sharpening it while I wait for him to leave. With my back facing his direction, I hear him walking out and standing behind me. "I need you to come with me." Ignoring him, I continue making my new weapon hoping Jack can take a hint. "Nix, You can't stay here. A man paid for this land and is tearing it all to the ground. I know nothing about him and if his goal is to find you, goddess only knows what he will do."

"Goddess! Goddess! Don't fucking mention her name here because the only thing she gave me was heartbreak. Why would someone be so cruel and give you the most perfect family just to have them be torn away? After the killings, I had to bury each one days after they died. Did you know that?" Rushing to stand, I push him back till he hit the wall and I continued to hit him and he let me. "The good memories you should have of the loved ones and mine are filled with blood, maggots and the smell of rot!" Feeling my hands being grabbed, I look up and see eyes of sympathy.

Releasing my hands, I flinch as his thumb ran under my eyes. Not realizing tears were flowing, I swiftly turn around wiping my face not wanting someone to see my weakness. "Better reason for you to come with me. We can't risk loosing any more wolves and if you want, I can try to figure out a way for them to preserve the graveyard but only if your safe." Turning around, anger flowed through me as I looked up to him. 

"And why do you care about me? For all I know, you could be a brain washed wolf working for the sick fucker killing us off. I trust no one so don't think I will just do as you say because we are the same kind. I need you to leave now." Walking past him, I head for the front door and take off into the forest. I can't let myself trust anyone. Now that I know there are more wolves in this world is nice but who can I trust? It can't be that easy to find your kind and start a completely new life while being safe.

"Nix!" He called from behind me but I know these woods better than anyone. If he tries to follow, I will just run. Stripping my clothes off, I shift while leaping into the air and when I turn around, his face is in complete shock. Good, maybe seeing my wolf will keep him at bay.  

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