Chapter Nine

Silence filled him as I sat in bliss enjoying the first hearty meal I have had in weeks. Hunting is easy but having distractions or your occasional unknown noise scaring the wildlife away is what makes it hard.

"Then how do you explain the feeling that runs through my fingers as I touch your skin?" Shrugging my shoulders, I grab another piece of meat and shove it in my mouth. I know I wont be able to avoid his questions forever but the longer I eat, the more I am able to stall.

"Or what about the dreams I've had about you. They must mean something." As he leaned back in the chair, his thoughts were somewhere unknown. I need to admit, the curiosity about his life and what happened to his pack grows the more time I spend with him. I wish there was the perfect man for me and he will take me away from this hell I have been living but I live

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