Chapter Twelve

Running in a field of flowers with the wind blowing in my hair. A smile stretches across my face as I spread my arms out and turn in circles while the hot sun brushes along my skin. Closing my eyes, I take in this freshness of air and feeling of relief that the world is right again. I have no worry in the world, just a heart full of happiness. 

An arm glides along my waist making me stop my stride and as I continue to turn, I see Jack with the most perfect smile along his face. Grabbing my hand as he left one on my waist, we start dancing in this stunning field. 

The love growing in my heart grows with each move we make and I am completely his. Looking up to him, Jacks smile grows and while he leans down for a kiss, the sky darkens. Worry becomes written on his face as he backs away to look around holding

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