Chapter Fourteen

Feeling his body start to relax on mine, I slowly guide him to lay on my lap. His arms wrap around my torso as he pulled himself tightly against me. Feeling his breathing calm, I start to run my fingers through his hair as a small smile appeared against his lip. 

Leaning down, I start licking the dried blood off of the side of his face. We may be in human form but my wolf instincts are strong and the need to care for my mate come above all. As I continue, his grip on me loosens letting me know he is asleep.

The rest will be good and hopefully help heal his ears but if they don't, I will care and protect him. I will take care of my mate no matter what comes our way. Leaning my head down, I place it on top of his and close my eyes. Breathing in his sent comforts me and lets me know there is more to me. For many years, I thought the l

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