Chapter Fifteen

More wolves? Fear spread across my face and I watched his nostrils flare. This man before me has killed his own kind because he was unable to have his way? What type of monster is he? How could someone kill their own in such a selfish act?

Jacks arms started to shake and just as I looked down, his eyes met mine and they were as dark as night. Instantly, his hand released from my body and grasped Tyler around his neck in one swift motion. Watching him rise, he lifted him in the air and I watched as Tyler's feet dangled off the ground.

"What were you saying about my mate? About me being defective?" Tyler's frightened eyes glared towards Jack and back to me. As I rose to my feet, I watched Jacks hands tightened around his neck, causing him to start clawing to break free. "I... I... Please..." He begged but begging only made him tighten his

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