Chapter Thirty Seven

As we enter the hall, my nerves start to over whelm me and I know the alpha can tell as his aura becomes stronger. 

"Now, goddess. I would like to come to an agreement on this land so we are able to live as one." Walking around the table, I take a seat at the head as Eli sits where my mate is needed. I would feel stronger but for some odd reason, I don't.

"Well, I would also like to come to an agreement but I feel you might have other idea's." Watching his grin grow, he places his forearms on his knees and leaned forward. " I sure do. I am a strong alpha and you are the goddess of wolves. We are a match made in heaven which is needed these days with how fast our people are dying off. I understand you are already mated so I will give you the option, either leave this land or let me fight for my right to be sat next to you."

A shiver ran down my spine as I look him in the eye and see how serious he is. This wolf doesn't understand that I do not want to giv


Sorry that the chapters are taking longer to write, I have been busy at home and work with little time to write and proof read. I love yall and please send gems to help my numbers rise! Also, let me know what you think about the story so far and what you think will happen next!-GG

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