Chapter Thirty Eight

Jack's POV-

 I would say that I am relieved that he is now dead, but it just made a bigger problem. With their alpha dead, we now need to find out who killed him and then figure out if they have someone to take his place. If not, then they would find the nearest pack and join under their leader which would be us.

"I'm shocked. Who in their right mind would take on the alpha Troy. We were going to find out a better way to this issue today but now, I don't know what to do." Nix's voice was filled with worry and something else. I know her and my dad went to check the border late lastnight but I know there is no way she did this. Nix's likes to do things by the book which is why I wanted to fight him for my rightful spot by her side.

"I dont know Luna, but you need to get dressed and head to the border. Our guards will keep them at bay but they will listen better if you are present." Jen gave a small smile and headed on her way as Nix just stood there in dee


Holy moly.... How is Nix going to get out of this one... Or is she really going to die....

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