Chapter Thirty Nine

The gasps from behind me rose and I felt worry from all my people. I can't tell if they are worried for me or shocked that I am handing myself over to them willingly. As I took a step forward, Jack grabbed onto my hand holding me back.

"No, I will take your stop! You will not take my mate, my Luna! This will not happen!" Turning, I placed my hands on his face and brought his head down so our foreheads met. In this moment, I am not scared. My whole life I waited for death that never came and now, I am ready. 

"Please Nix, fight this. Our people will fight for you and you know this. Don't leave me alone in this world without you. I need you..." Nodding my head, a long tear fell down my face and I looked deep in his eyes. 

"I will not let harm come to our people. I love you Jack but I command you to follow my orders along with the rest of our pack." Shock filled his eyes as I commanded something of him. I have never been able to do it before but since



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