Chapter Forty One

As I watch from behind that we have made it back to town, I hear Jen yell from the distance and Jacks patience was becoming thing. "Jack, I need to clean her wounds!" Her steps start moving closer and next thing I knew, Jack turned so fast, my head swung as he turned.

"The fuck you do! I will take care of my mate and I don't want no one to knock on this door for the next three fucking days!" Shaking my head, I look around him and see a fuming Jen. She does not like being able to take care of those in this pack and that is why she fits so well.

"I will be fine Jen, thank you." Placing her hands on her hips, she holds her ground and looks quite upset. "That wolf needs to cool his temper." Letting out a laugh, my mate continues his walk not loosing his grip on me one bit. 

Moments later, he barges through our door and slams it shut. Rushing towards the room, I smack his ass making him stop in place. "I need some water babe." Shaking his head, he finished walki

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