Chapter 91

"It's my turn now."

Rose looked at him stunned. His turn?

Does he means-

Her breath hitched in her throat as he spread her thighs ever so slowly. His hand on her thighs emitted sparks on her skins.

His hand came near her heat and touched her. He looked at her with his dark eye, pinning her with his gaze. Rose squirmed under his gaze.

He bend down and brought his face near her heat. His warm breathe hit her down there and Rose felt something warm in her stomach.


"Trust me love." He said.

Rose nodded her head. She has no idea what he is planning to do. Why would he bring his his face near her....private part.

Her confusion soon came to a conclusion as he spead his pussy lips and kissed her down there. Rose let out a surprise moan. She looked at him wide eyes.

How can he do it?

"Zach why are you-" The words died in her mouth as he pushed his tongue inside her hole. His thick and wet tongue created sound as he sucked her.

Zachariah entered his finger inside her heat and
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