Chapter 4

Rose's pov.







"Mom please" I said giving her my best puppy dog eyes. Seeing a internal battle in her eyes I knew she was going to say yes.

After all no one can resist my puppy dog eyes. It wins every time.


Uhh not every time I guess..

Of course it doesn't. You look like a road side pig asking for some food. My subconscious decided to visit me at the exact time and give me her not so important advice.

However, as intelligent i am i clearly ignored her.

"Why not Mom" I whined angrily at her.

"I promise I will be back before eve-"

"Because I said so and it's end of the discussion. I don't want to hear anything about it now" Mom said as she gave me a pointed look.

I sighed as I looked down.

I drew some wired patterns with my shoes on the soil I continued to think about the conservation I had with my mother.

I don't understand why doesn't she let me go outside. I am not a child anymore.

For God's sake i am seventeen turning eighteen in few months.

All other children's have visited the places outside the forest excluding me. They all always tell me about the stories of the places outside the forest. They say there are huge, extremely huge building where the other people lives. They even said that there are other supernatural species who live there. They all are ruled by the two Beast Kings, including us.

Cool breeze touched my face as the winds start blowing fastly making my mood turn from sad to happy. A smile formed on my face as I looked at the beautiful nature around me. This forest as always been my friend seen I remember. Cheering me up every time I lose my hope or feel sad. 

The green carpet of grass covered the soil creating a beautiful view. The tree trying to reach the sky as if having a completion between themselves. The chirping of birds creating a pleasant music to my ears.



I turned around quickly only to get myself land on the ground. I giggled loudly as buddy licked my face creating a ticklish feeling.

Holding him close to me, I kept caressing his soft fur.

A purr left his chest making me laugh.

He is so adorable. My buddy. My creature. 

I left out a yelp as buddy took the end of my dress in his mouth and kept dragging me.

"Buddy where are you taking me" I asked as let him drag me to god knows where.


However, in return all I got was a bark in reply.

If only I could understand their language. It would be so amazing. I would able to understand them and even talk to them.

If only it was possible...

"Buddy stop! We are close to the end of the forest. Mom will scold me if she gets to know about it" I said to him only to be ignored like I never existed.

For a creature he has a lot of sass in him.

Buddy continued to take me to god knows where and I couldn't even do anything about it.

I don't know if my puppy dog eyes work on anyone or not but for sure his puppy dog eyes work on me.

It's my only weakness including chocolates.

Chocolates are life.

"Buddy stop now! We are outside the forest. We need to go back right now." I said as I started panicking. Even the sun was gone and there was no moon in the sky.

A dread feeling formed inside me as I look at the atmosphere.

The whole sky was dark. No Moon, no stars were present in the sky. The whole sky black making me more scared.

I am not type of a person who gets scared easily...

"Ahhhh" I screamed as kept my leg on some object.

It could be a snake for God's sake.

I removed my leg slowly from the object or the snake only to sign in relief.

It's just a stick.

"Buddy please we should go inside now.. Mom will definitely scold me once she realise I was out of the forest. What if she won't ever realise we are out of forest. She might be searching for us inside the forest only. We should definitely go now. What if we won't ever go back. What if a vampire suck our blood till we become dry or even worse what if a ghost appear and eat us. What if-"

Shut with your rant you stupid girl and focus on finding the way. My precious subconscious rudely cut me off.

"Buddy come one let's go-" I stop once I noticed a blue colour fog surrounding us which was coming from... Buddy?

What!? How is this possible.

Suddenly buddy started barking loudly as he wailed his tail cutely at me.

I felt like I was travelling through the fog making my head spin.

The air started flowing harshly around me making me close my eyes. I hold buddy close to me, afraid if anything happens to him.

The atmosphere become too silent making me open my eyes only to gasp loudly.

We were in a different place. I haven't seen this place till now. It is so beautiful. The whole place was surrounded by flowers. It's beautiful fragrance surrounding us. Number of lights were there in the garden making it look shiny and attractive. 

This place is pure bliss.

I totally forgot about my previous problem as I got lost in the beauty of this place.

Suddenly two birds appeared in the sky as they directly came flying towards me holding sometimes in their beak.

As they came closure to me I got a clear image of the object. My eyes got widen as I saw what they brought with them.

They were carrying a tiara made up of flower in their beak.

But that's not the shocking thing.

The shocking thing is they placed the tiara on my head!

If my eyes were wide earlier I am sure it might be out of their socket now.

Suddenly they started chirping in their sweet voice. As if telling me how beautiful it looks on me.

A huge smile formed on my face as I twirled around. My blue dress flowing in the air with me. A giggle escaped my lips as I continued to twirl around continuously. My long hairs joining me happily as they followed my lead. 

Buddy started doing his wired signature dance making me laugh loudly.

I watched as buddy jumped up and down and did some wired steps.

He is a adorable little guy.

The blue fog started to form again from buddy. Buddy jumped in my arms scared as he look around. Probably afraid of this blue fog coming from him.

The image in front of me became blur. I tried to look across it but I couldn't.

Suddenly, two shadows of men's got in front of eyes as I tried to look them clearly. They were the biggest men's I have seen till now. Their height probably above 6'7 or something. From the outline of their shadows I could see that they got great muslces too. Their whole body looking is looking like a gaint beast.

A lethal beast. My subconscious said.

For the very first time I agree with her.

The air again started flowing harshly. The blue fog becoming more thick.

The last thing I saw was their dangerous black eyes before we disappeared in the fog.


I opened my eyes again to see myself in the forest just before my house.

"Rose! Where were you. I was trying to find you but you weren't present in the house. And is this a time to come home" Mom fired her questions at me as soon as she saw me. Her arms crossed as she looked angrily at me.

"Uhh.. I was playing with buddy mom. I was too busy in playing with him that I didn't noticed at time." I said too her hoping she won't caught the nervousness in my voice.

I wasn't lying to her though. I was just hiding the truth. Moreover I did played with buddy so it won't be count as a lie..


"Hmm ok. But next time come home earlier. I don't want this mistake to repeat again. Did you understand?"

"Yes Mom"

"Come on, let's go now. The dinner is ready" She said.

At the exact moment my stomach grumbled loudly.

I smiled sheepishly at her showing her all of my teeth.

"Yes please... I am hungry" I said following her to the house.

Buddy let out a bark supporting my statement.

After the dinner I went to my room and laid on the bed.

I close my eyes thinking about all the things which happened today.

How did that blue fog came from buddy and how did we reached in that place? 

Why did that birds place the tiara on my head and who were those two mens with black eyes? 

Just thinking about them a shiver ran down my spine.

However, at the corner of my mind a thought was disturbing me.

why I am feeling sparks thinking about them.


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