Chapter 6

Rose pov

The birds chirped while flying in the sky as the sun rays finally graced them by it's presence. The cool winds flowing slowly making the trees dance on it's tune. The animals of the forest woke up, jumping around enjoying the pleasant morning fragrance of the forest.

"Free your mind of every thought and put all of your focus on your hand. Lift your hand little upward and move your fist in a circular motion." My mom said to other children of our forest.

Sitting alone on a rock I watched her teaching them witch magic.

Yes, a witch magic. Since they all are witch here while I am the only human between them. All I could do is watch them from far while mom was teaching them some magic tricks.

"Yes exactly like it. Now put more focus on it and try to create some engry in between your hands." Mom said praising them.

Mom was currently teaching them how to a create magic which they could use to attack on others if they are in certain danger.

It won't be a dangerous attack, the person on whom this attack would be used would only become unconscious.

However, if the person is of higher rank like Alpha and beta then it won't be of any use. Since, it won't affect them.

The magic used by witches isn't that strong that it would make a supernatural of a higher rank unconscious.

But if a powerful witch used her powers then she could make a supernatural of a higher rank unconscious too. There are not many powerful witches left though. We even count the remaining powerful witches on our fingers.

Many supernaturals had killed powerful witches. According to them if they killed every powerful  witch present in the world then there's no threat to them.

Cheap thinking i know.

That's the only reason witches live hidden in the forest. Even though none of the witches present in our forest are powerful we still hide from other supernaturals.

Though sometimes witches go to the supernatural world. But no one can identify that they are witches. They all apply some special formula made by them to hide their witch smell. In this way they all go and have fun in the supernatural world while I am not allowed to do so.

Didn't you went to supernatural world just few days ago? My inner self again magically made her appearance.

I rolled my eyes at her.

"Yes I did. But no one knows about it. Moreover I didn't went there on my own will. Buddy took me there." I told my inner self.

Yeah yeah. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Gosh! People will think I am mad if they saw me talk to my inner self.

Ignoring her I tried to concentrate on where I was.

Where I was anyways?

On witches.


On powerful witches you stupid girl.

Ohh. Yeah.

So, let me continue on powerful witches.

However, this powerful witches can't use their power on the royal supernaturals. Their magic does not works on them.

Sitting behind them on a long distance I watch them learn new things.

Mom doesn't let's me go near them when they are training. Saying that if something goes wrong with anyone during the training then it can cause a harm me. I always maintain a big distance from them when they are training. If not then my mom would make my hears bleed with her scolding.

"Now create a ball of blue energy and try to create a bigger amount of it." Mom continued to give them the instructions.

"No that isn't the correct way to do it Emily. Concentrate on it. Don't let your focus go on anything else or you won't be able to do it." Mom scolded Emily.

Emily was a girl with big bright eyes who always has a terrified expression on her face. She is a witch but still gets scared of magic. She just loves to... well nothing. She doesn't love to do anything. She hadn't find about her passion yet.

Emily also happens to be my best friend. Don't tell this to buddy though. If he gets to know about it then I am sure he will piss in her whole room.

"Now get in the position to throw the ball in the near river" Mom said to all her witch students.





I got startled at my place as lots of blue balls of energy or whatever it is got blasted in the river near us. A huge explosion of water happened in the river.

Though it didn't harm any one, I am sure it will send the fishes in the river for sleep.

They needed a break anyways.

Moreover, I am sure they all will wake up in one or two days.

"Brilliant students. I very much appreciate your efforts. It was the first time you did this and it turn out good. However more practice would make you all more perfect in this attack. I want all of you to practice this attack for 30 more times. After that you all are free to go." Mom said to everyone. Her eyes pointed and fixed at all students. Daring them to say something against her.

No voice was raised against her. No one dares to go against her. Though she isn't a powerful witch, all of the other witches respect her greatly. She is like a mother figure for everyone.

However, during training no one is more worse then her. She shows no mercy to anyone during the training. Also one of the reason for the children's to fear her.

I went away from their training place to my house. Since their training would go for more then two hours, I as well as would use the time for something productive.

Moving towards the kitchen I started to prepare something. Something here means a omelette. It's the only thing which I know how to make. It's not my fault that I only know how to make a omelette. My mom doesn't let me step inside the kitchen. According to her I am too fragile to work in the kitchen since I am a human.

Taking the eggs out I started to prepare the omelette on the pan.

It took me exactly fifteen minutes to prepare it. Smiling happily I looked at it. Mom would be so happy to see that the breakfast is prepared already. Though she would scold me a little for making the breakfast, I am sure she would have a beautiful smile on her face after seeing the breakfast.

Singing a song quietly I started to set the dish on the table.

The flower vase on the table had some dried flowers in it. Moving towards the garden of our house I plucked some fresh rose. It's deep red colour made it look enhancing. Its petal big and so soft.

Quickly going back I put the beautiful roses in the flower vase. The table is looking so beautiful now. Smiling proudly I mentally patted my shoulder.

I could hear some voices outside the house. I am sure it's mom.

The door opened and came in my mom.

She looked tired. Like really tired. Some  sweat was there on there forehead and neck. While her eyes were screaming how much tired she was.

"Surprise!" I shouted at the top of my voice scaring her a little. All her tiredness flew in the air hearing me shout as a dying whale.

"I got the breakfast ready mom" I said smiling at her.

I watched as her expression got changed from shock to surprise and then to little anger.

"Why did you prepared the breakfast Rose. You could have got hurt for god's sake" Mom scolded me a little. Her hands resting on her chest as she looked at me.

"But I didn't got hurt right?" I said smiling sheepishly at her.

"Moreover I prepared the breakfast with so much love mom. Won't you even eat it?" I gave her a small pout. Pulling an innocent look over my face which would even put a new born baby to shame.

"What I am going to do with you Rose. And stop giving me that innocent look. I will eat the breakfast." Mom said shaking her head at me.

"Yayy" I shouted.

"Stop shouting Rose."

Smiling sheepishly at her I nodded my head.

Finally we are going to have some mother daughter time.


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