Chapter 3

Anthony POV

I chuckled low as Megan stormed out angrily but still didn't have the guts to even slam the door, I sat in my leather chair mesmerizing about Francis, I leaned back, lost deep in my thoughts, yum... the way her ass jiggles slightly in her knee-length skirt, the sight of her tiny breasts perking up, calling for me, I can't forget that night I kissed her, to be honest with my self I wasn't even drunk, I had like one glass of champagne, but something about her, her warm-toned skin, the way she drank that champagne, with her thick, plumed lips, I've never seen a dark skin girl with such piercing grey eyes, contacts maybe? But something about her that night, the way she crossed her legs and the slit from the dress, went as far up to her thighs, something was pulling me towards this girl.

And let's be clear, I am not a jerk or a bad boyfriend, but I knew Stevie was after my money and the saddest part of it, I loved her, I still do. We were arguing the night of the engagement party, a large sum of money went missing from the account that only we had access to, and she lied, she stood right there and lied to my face, I was stuck between denial and love, we were only dating for 6 months and I think I kind of rushed things, I hired a PI who kept tabs on her, and would meet up with this guy at a motel every weekend, angrily I went downstairs that night and approached the young woman I saw at the bar, why was my house so fucking crowded?, like it was a club or something, I told Stevie that only family and close friends should be invited, and of course she went overboard, I tore through the crowd and began to have a conversation with the young lady, I found her interesting, I watched her hopelessly flirt with me, I found it cute and funny and out of nowhere... I just kissed her, I don't even know why, probably was looking for a quick fuck, or a distraction.

I chuckled under my breath as I remembered that night vividly, and of course, Stevie saw us and it crashed, I apologize so many times that night, sent her flowers daily, Gucci bags, Louis Vuitton purses, and even though I knew she cheated on me repeatedly I still couldn't let her go, and one kiss and boom! She dumped me, I miss her sometimes, but after couple therapy sessions, I began to feel okay, fucked a new bitch almost every night since, especially my P. As, they were immediately terminated right after though, can't mix business with pleasure now can we, plus Sashane Higgins was a plus, my receptionist I like Higgins, she has done so much for G.L.O.S.H. but she can out do her self at times, she would just pop up in my office if we worked late shifts, and let me take her there and then on my desk, she always tells me she wants to feel loved, and I should make love to her, I usually ignore her because all I need is fun, I'm usually a one-night stand kind of person, I don't do love, but I'll keep her around though, that mouth of hers sure is a bonus too, speaking of mouths, where the fuck is that smart ass mouth girl with my coffee am already running late by ten minutes and— the doors suddenly swung open and there she was, holding the coffee carefully bringing it towards the table, setting it down,

“Here's your coffee Mr. Rhone, I couldn't find the coffee maker, and sir it just a couple of months since you kissed me, it's not a year as yet, I know we got off on the wrong foo—” cutting off her constant chatter,

“Francis what did Miss Higgins tell you about knocking before entering my office?” she stood there out of words, stuttering

“I— I'm sorry sir, it won't hap...”

“Step back outside and keep knocking until I tell you to come in, I don't like indiscipline people Francis, you either play by my rules or simply just leave,” she uttered something her breath, which I could have careless about and turned walking right back through the door, closed it, and kept knocking and repeating if she may come in, hearing Sashane outrageous laughs, I smiled, ignored Francis and sipped my coffee, immediately regretting it,

“FRANCIS GET IN HERE!” she rushed through the large doors almost falling, well, of course, she almost fell why the fuck women wear those deathtraps they call heels,

“Why does my fucking coffee taste like shit Francis!?”

“I… don't know— and how would you know how shit taste sir, ” she had a victorious smirk on her face, oh she thought she's petty, ok Francis let's play, I leaned forward, looking up directly in her grey eyes,

“I'd know Francis because I eat it from the back,” stood up straighten my suite, gather my files, and proceeded to walk out the office, realizing I didn't hear her heels clicking which should indicate she's walking behind me, I stopped in my tracks, turned around and saw Francis still had disbelief and defeated look on her face,

“Well, are you coming? The notes can't jot their selves down you know, that's why they hired you”, she kept her head held down and just kept walking towards me, taking the full lead I head towards the boardroom.

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