Chapter 4

Megan POV

After the meeting, I quickly dashed out of the boardroom, OMG I can't believe Rhone. He is such a disgusting pig, who obviously wasn't raised right, his parents did a poor job, or maybe he did bad on his own? It was finally noon, I was supposed to be at lunch, saddened by the thoughts of lunch I miss having lunch with my best friend, I had no friends, and am new here, pulled out my cellphone scrolled through I came across Stevie's number, I gathered the strength and finally deleted it, clutching my phone towards my chest, I hope she finds peace, I hope she forgives me one day, lost in my thoughts, I collided with someone, papers flying everywhere, I sprint as fast as I could back on my legs, helping who's to ever I bumped into gathering their documents,

“Um— I'm so sorry, I can be clumsy sometimes,” I apologized, but she said nothing, we both stood up, and I held my hand out hoping for a handshake, I was desperate for a new friend,

“Hi my name is Megan, nice to meet you, ” she stood there observing me for a good minute or so before saying anything,

“Hi, — I am Natalie, friends call me Nat,” noticing her dark skin like my immediately, but it had a darker shade, plus her accent, it sounds like she was from the Caribbean,

“Where you from Nat, you sound almost Jama…”

“Jamaican? Yeah, my parents are Jamaicans, and they were strict on maintaining culture growing up,” she smiled. I like Natalie, I really did. Our moment was interrupted by my phone constant ringing, I fumbled over the device, immediately seeing an incoming call from an unknown number,

“Hello— Who is this”,

“Aye thank god Francis, it's Rhone, I need you here in five minutes, I need you to accompany me to lunch, you're needed to take brief notes and such, sending my driver for you right now. Be downstairs in three seconds”,

“three seconds! How the hell did you get my number and how do expect me to—”

Click! The line went dead

Did this motherfucker end the call on me, not realizing Natalie was still standing there,

"Sorry about that, it was my asshole if a boss," we exchanged numbers and I dashed downstairs, just in time as Rhone driver arrives.

Damn it, it has been only one day with Rhone, and I am already at my breaking point, as the car pulled up to a restaurant, my mouth dropped, I know this place, it was a common spot for rich people, I exited the car and made my way in, I was greeted by the host who proceeded to ask if I had reservations, As I was about to speak, Rhone popped up out of nowhere,

“It's okay, she is with me, come along Ms. Francis, ”

Ms.? Mhm... I curious as to why no insults weren't launched at me, faking your personality in public Rhone, just what do you have up your selves.

Making our way to an empty table with four empty seats, Oh I guess we are early. He pulled out a chair and gestured me to sit, I smiled and did just that, and he went ahead and sit beside me.

“Now Francis”, he muttered almost in a whisper,

“I'm meeting a Spanish businessman in just a few, he is a billionaire and I need to nail this deal, to send G.L.O.S.H straight to the top, way ahead of our competitors and for Christ fucking sake, don't talk just write, understood??” He gave me a harsh glance,

"Yes, I understand," I breathed out.

“Aye Mr. Rodriguez welcome sir,”

Standing up from his seat, he gave me a slight kick under the table indicating I should get up also, I did just that, bowed and showed common courtesy,

“Hola, gusto en conocerlo Sr. Rhone, hablemos de negocios, de acuerdo?” turning my head, I shifted my gaze at Rhone who obviously didn't know Spanish, he was panicking and Mr. Rodriguez looked puzzled, well-known businessman and he doesn't even speak a second language,

“Encantado de conocerlo Sr. Rodríguez, el Sr. Rhone tiene dolor de garganta, hablaré en su nombre ”

Rhone's face fell flat on the ground when I responded on his behalf, he underestimated me, and he felt ashamed, throughout the rest of the meeting, I was the one who mainly spoke, Mr. Rodriguez and I spoke Chinese fluently within between jokes, Rhone was uncomfortable throughout the whole meeting, he kept asking me what's happening,

Prancing to my feet, I shook Mr. Rodriguez hand, thanking him for his time, realizing Rhone was still sitting, I gave him the hardest kicked I had in me under the table, to also get up and tell our guest goodbye, Mr. Rodriguez only smile nod and took his leave.

“So is he going to sign the deal?” Rhone questioned, ok Rhone let me dig under your skin a little, I suddenly fell sad and turn to Rhone,

“Well, boss I— I am sor...”

“Oh my fucking god, don't say it, Francis,” he covered his face disappointed with the possible outcome,

“His P. A is going to contact us tomorrow with the contract details boss, cheer up... I was playing”

I giggled, nudging him playfully, gazing into my eyes with a stare filled with excitement, like a kid who got his first bike,

“Oh my god! You did I, Francis, thank you, I—”

I guess he got carried away because what he did next was astounding, he kissed me, realizing what he has done he pulled away quickly,

“Um— sorry heat of the moment, I— we should probably get going,”

I couldn't even say anything, but nod my head, the car ride was rather quiet, the rest of the evening went smoothly too, until Rhone dismissed me, hopped in a cab and went straight to my apartment, soon I was inside, I showered, ate some leftovers, check my phone and of course no messages, I curled up under my blanket, and touched my lips, he kissed me... he kissed me again.

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