Chapter 7

Megan POV

I fell dead in my tracks I couldn't fucking move, my cellphone continuously rang and Higgins sprung from Anthony's lap and was yelling at me,

"Bitch don't you ever freaking knock?" running for cover, using her hands attempting to hide her nakedness, my eyes fixed on the floors not wanting to meet Rhone's gaze.

"Well good morning Francis, and why are you so early today, work for you starts at 9:30 AM,"

Rhone sat there crossing legs, chest held high as if he was sitting on the throne, and was he smiling? Wasn't he embarrassed? He just sat there cheerfully unbothered, This man truly a son of bit—

"Didn't you hear me, Francis? Why are you at work so early?"

"Um— I— I... The information sheet I was given says 8:00 PM sir, and I also came in 8 yesterday, so I thoug..."


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