Chapter 10

Megan POV

Grumpily Rhone took his cellphone from me, and scan through it carefully,

"Bloody WhatsApp calls, it's not even important," he mumbled

"Oh- I'm sorry that I woke you... sir, I- thought It was important and..."

"Firstly... stop calling me sir, call me Anthony- for the rest of the trip, secondly you did the right thing, think about it this way Francis, It could have also been important," he smirked, gazing into my eyes.

Tucking away my hair behind my ear, he stared at me, lost in his world of lust, Rhone was acting bizarre, he treated me different, almost in a way as if he cared. I know men are good at acting, but the way his eyes dances with passion, softens with fantasies when we lock eyes, is it possible for a man to portray such phony feelings.

"Ok-" I cleared my throat, "Anthony- but you too must stop calling me Francis, call me Megan... for the rest of the trip of course,"

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