Chapter 33

Anthony POV

"Listen, Jace! I'm telling you... I saw Darb this morning, he is here in Florida so assign someone else to attend to Megan's parents, but I need you here, right now". I angrily end the call.

I was overworked and pissed, It was a couple of days until my wedding, and I haven't fucked my fiancée in days, we barely even spoke, these last couple of days have been terrible, I just want to get through them with Megan.

I palmed my face, I was stressed, horny and my part-time PA got on my fucking nerves, she was clumsy, hopelessly jabbed me flirty talk and she questioned my authority,

"Mr. Rhone is everything ok?" She asked.

"Yes,” I retorted stiffly.

"You know Anthony—” she got up from her assigned desk, walked towards me, massaging my shoulders

"I can make you feel good— real good...if you'll give me the chance, ” she stood behind me, leanin

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