Chapter 34

Megan POV

Has I regained consciousness, groaning in pain, I was experiencing a terrible headache, I tried to move, but my body felt weak, and lacked energy. I felt cold, cold to be exact because I still naked from Natalie and I... wait a minute. While I processing everything, I noticed how my hands felt as if they were tied above my head, and I was in slightly a sitting position, the objects around my hands, rumbled like metal chains, and then it hit me, I was cuffed to the bedpost, but why? I slowly began to open my eyes, but I instantly regret it, the bright light from the room stung my eyes, so force them shut, cursing lowly under my breath, my cheeks felt sticky and stiff, it must be from stained lipstick, I opened my eyes again, and I saw her, staring at me.

"What the fuck is going on Natalie? You drugged me, you sick psychopath,”

Chuckling lowly, she glared at me, with a luminous grin “Couples of hours ago you were

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