Chapter 35

Anthony Pov

I sat next to Megan with my hands cuffed to hers and hers cuffed to the bedpost, there was no escaping and I knew it, but I was glad she was just an amateur trying to walk in the foot steps of her father, she had no idea, what that fake stone consisted,

I watched Stevie carefully as she paced back and forth in the room, with her hands behind her, "Why did you kill her...why did you kill Higgins?" I questioned her trying to buy us enough time

"Well, that day at the grocery store..."

"I told you it was her! I told you," Megan shouted in a whisper to my face.

"That day I sort of trail you guys because at first I just wanted money and an easy life, but unfortunately your girl Higgins was too friendly with strangers, we met in a bar back in Paris and I realize she was an opportunity, so I killed her and threatened you using her phone, and came to Florida in a disguise looking like her,

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