" I wish ." muttered Cynthia she had a hope to see her parents atleast once maybe they could help her out , but her desire was shattered, now she wished her parents weren't stuck in that hell , maybe they were having there happy ever after in the spirit world . 

"Hey Cynthia do you wanna rest ? you haven't slept whole last night ?" asked Damon generously . 

" I think i do ....most important thing i need right now in my life , sleep is the only way to escape reality you know ...yeah if some magical crown isn't trying to contact you ." said Cynthia .

" Come I'll take you to the room ." said Jeffery . 

" Yeah sure ." answered back Cynthia . 

" No she ain't a baby that you need to drop her to her room in your arms ." snapped Damon .

" I can do that too ..nice idea ...what say Cynthia ...should i ?" asked Jeffery amusingly .Cynthia giggled . 

" Hahahaha ...Cynthia go to your room i'll bring you luggage ..I t

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