Dancing Diva : A Rumour Or Reality ?

Finally after one and a half hour which seemed one week to Cynthia , her History and Maths class ended . It was a long time for her as she hated both these subjects , She was still okay with Maths but History was a nightmare for her . However the case was exact opposite with Ada she was really a big nerd . She liked maths and history seemed like her first love .

During the class , Ada was studying with full concentration , she wasn't even blinking her eyes . Throught the Class Cynthia tried her best to call Ada so that they can talk a bit as she was getting bored as hell . However Ada kept ignoring Cynthia . She just wanted to study like it was her exam next day . Even though , Cynthia was a class topper since childhood , she wasn't devoted in studies a lot . It was just that she had a sharp mind . She could get excellent marks even if she starts studying a week before exams .

As they came out of the class, they saw Davina standing waiting for them with two more friends of her . A medium heighted boy with curly hair and dusky skin tone named jackson and a tall boy having blonde hair and pale skin , wearing spectacles named Sheldon .

" Hey ! nice to meet you again . So let me introduce to my childhood friends , neighbours , classmates and of course your seniors Jackson and Sheldon ." said Davina .

" Let me introduce my self on my own Davina ." said Jackson.

" Fine ! Go for it . "

" Okay so am Jackson ! Music is my only love of life . I am the class's rockstar ....... " Jackson stopped as Davina intrupted .

" It's called Class Clown , Jackson . " Intrupted Davina .

Cynthia smiled looking at them .

" When will you stop making fun of me Davina . " said Jackson .

" This day would never come my dear . Never mind i am just kidding. He is really a good Musician . " said Davina.

" And am biggest fan of Drake . " said Jackson .

" Yeah ! I suspected that from your hoody . " replied Cynthia as Jackson wore a black hoody with Drake's photograph on it .

" UMMM...You are smart . " said Jackson .

" Maybe that's why am a ravenclaw. " replied Cynthia smiling .

" Sorry.... you are a what ? " asked Jackson .

" They are muggles Cynthia. " said Davina.

" Oh okay ! am sorry . " replied Cynthia.

" Never mind ! I don't know what you guys are talking about but it sounds cool ... ravenclaw and muggles. " said Jackson Clueless about what these things actually are .

Cynthia Broke into a laugh.

" So ! Sheldon do you wanna introduce yourself or should I do it for you . ' asked Jackson from Sheldon. "

" Go for it Jackson , You like to talk a lot. " replied Sheldon smiling .

" Okay ! So he is sheldon , He hate humans and socialising . We have to put a lot of effort to convince him for bunking the lectures or hanging out . And his biggest feature , he is a big nerd . " said Jackson.

" Wait am not a nerd ! " replied Sheldon .

" It's okay if you are . You'll surely make a good duo with Ada. "

'"What do you mean ? " asked Sheldon.

" She is a nerd too . " replied Cynthia .

" Am not " said Ada

" YOU are my dear ! " said Cynthia.

" Are you bulling me . " said Ada.

"Come on Ada you are my friend. I was just teasing you love. Don't mind " said Cynthia smiling at Ada . Ada passesed a cute smile too.

"Btw Nice to meet you both . " said Cynthia looking at Sheldon and Jackson

"yA ..NICE TO MEET YOU . " said Ada .

" So, Jackson and sheldon this girl in white top is Cynthia . I know she is gorgeous but she isn't interested in all this teen stuff you know what am talking about , so don't try flirting with her . " said Davina

" Ohkkkkk !You broke my heart girl . " said Jackson staring at Cynthia.

" Shutup ! Don't mind Cynthia he is just kidding . He is mad . Never mind this is Ada and she is super sweet . "

" Nice to meet you both too . " said Jackson and Sheldon together .

They went to the mess , ordered some food and sat down on a table . They saw a boy sitting on a table near them . He was the same boy Ada and Cynthia met in the lift .

" Hey Davina ! isn't he the lift boy . You know him right. You know his name . Isn't he quite rude . " asked Cynthia.

" He is Stathis. He used to be our friend in the last session . He was really a bubbly boy . I mean we guys loved his company. I don't know what has happened to him . He has been avoiding us for like two months. "

" What's wrong with him." asked Ada.

" We don't know . We tried talking to him but he keeps ignoring us . We went to his parents and they told us that Stathis wanted to change his school and wanted to go to a school far away from this town . He even avoids his parents . He doesn't like talking to them anymore . His schedules are messed up . He used to be in the football team . He had left playing football and spends most of his time alone . His parent's believe he had a severe effect on his mind when his sister got paralysed when she was attacked by the ....... . " said Jackson

"By the Dancing Diva's spirit ???" said Cynthia.

" Don't take her name . She'll hear it . " yelled Jackson .

" Cool down Jackson . Isn't it just a rumour that there's a spirit in your school . Why are you acting like she is real . " said Cynthia .

" Because she is real . Stathis has eye witnessed The dacing diva's spirit attacking his sister . Maybe this is the reason he is so scared . I don't know why is he back in this school . He planned to leave it . " replied Davina .

" Stop it ! There is nothing like ghosts . I don't believe in them . " said Ada .

" They exist !." intrupted Sheldon .

" And it isn't a rumour , It's reality . Many students have experienced the presence of negative energy is this school .The school administration says that it is a rumour because they don't want parents to withdraw their children from the school . " said Sheldon .

" And trust me even they believe that she exists .. this is the reason they have closed our old dance hall . They say it got damaged and is needed to be fixed but the school don't have fund and so on . " It was closed a month after that girl ... you know who am talking about attempted sucide there.

" But what happened with Stathis's sister that night ? Was she really attacked and why only her ? " asked Cynthia.

" No one knows the answer to this . Stathis might know but he doesn't feel like talking to us or telling us anything. He just said her sister was attacked by the dancing diva the last time we guys talked . Why is still to be known . " said Sheldon.

" Guys comeo' n I think you are playing a prank on us . There is nothing like that . " said Ada.

" We aren't pranking you Ada ! . Why don't you understand ? . " replied Davina.

" So if it's true why don't you proove it to everyone . Proove the school administration wrong in front of all the parents . Why are you risking the life of hundreds of student if you know the truth . If she can harm Stathis 's sister why not others ? . You know what either you guys are mad or you are making us mad . " said Ada angrily she never spoke so loudly before.

" Ada cool down , why are you getting so angry . What's wrong with you ? There's nothing wrong if they believe in ghosts . Deep inside we all know spirits exist . " said Cynthia .

" Stop it Cynthia . You know what you guys are going crazy . " said Ada .

Ada was trying to change the topic . She was feeling uncomfortable talking about her . It seemed like she is hiding something , something she didn't wanted anyone to know maybe something related to the dancing diva .

"And why are you interested in that girl the so called dancing diva so much Cynthia ? " asked Ada

" Because i want to know about her . She was in the same batch my sister Hecate was , two years ago . I don't know a lot about her , but i heard she was popular . She was a great dancer . That's why she was given this name . After her death my sister started behaving strangely . I just wanna find out if they are connected or something . I don't know but i just wanna know more about her .She looked a bit scared when i talked to her about the dancing ... you know who . She was worried when i told her that am going to 'TOMBSTONE HIGH' . She never reacted like that before . It was the first time i felt she cares for me . "replied Cynthia .

" You have a sister too ?" asked Davina.

" Yeah but she isn't my real sister. She is my cousin , daughter of my aunt and uncle. " replied Cynthia.

" Can we guys just change the topic . It's our first day . Tell me something good about this school instead of scaring us . " said Ada .

" It's okay . Cynthia i know you want to know a lot . Even we want to discover more about this mystery but Ada is right it's your first day . You guys need to enjoy ." said Davina

" So let's bunk the next lecture and you guys give both of us a tour of the school . " said Ada.

" Are you fine Ada . Is it you or someone else is in your body right now . I mean you are saying to bunk ??? who loves studying . " Asked Cynthia with an awkerd reaction on her face.

" Yeah next class gonna be boring so we can bunk . " replied Ada.

" Yeah we sholud bunk i guess ... next lecture is going to be really boring . " added Sheldon

" Come'on guys you can't bunk the next lecture it's going to be super fun. " exclaimed Jackson .

" Yeah ! both the classes are going to attend the lecture together we can't miss all that fun . " added Davina .

" Can someone tell me what next class is about ?. " asked Cynthia looking confused.

" Where were you when ms. Raven was telling the time table ." aked Ada.

" Oh she told us the time table . Actually i was getting bored with her history lesson so i started doodling and i wasn't listening soooo..." said Cynthia.

" You said you have been class topper till 8th grade. ....I wonder how . " said Ada.

" Fine am sorry my mistake . Now could someone please tell which is our next class . " said Cynthia .

" It's Dace class . " replied Davina

" Wow and we have it together right as you said , Sheldon and Ada how can you even think of bunking the dace class. " said Cynthia .

" You like dancing ???" asked Jackson

" I love it " replied Cynthia .

" You never told me " said Ada.

" What do you mean by never Ada ...we just met three hours ago . " said Cynthia laughing .

" Oh ya !." replied Ada with an embarrasing smile on her face.

"But i don't wanna go Cynthia . Can't i just go to the library and read any book ." said Ada.

"How boring ! nevermind take sheldon with you even he doesn't like dance." added Jackson.

"No ! No ! No one is going anywhere . Ada you have to attend the class please for me and Sheldon you too .See you can't treat your school freshers like this. We deserve a warm welcome. " said Cynthia.

" Fine ! am not going anywhere . But you need to know that whatever you say never makes sense Cynthia. " said Sheldon .

" I know am crazy Sheldon . I just speaks what comes in my mind . " replied Cynthia.

"What about you Ada are you coming or not ?" asked Davina.

" She has to ...she has no choice. " said Ada.

"Fine am coming ." replied Ada

They all left the canteen area and went to the dance hall where both the classes were going to have their first hip hop session together. Cynthia was quite excited as she loved dancing . She had already won many awards for her dancing skills when she was in middle school .

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