Way Back To School

A week passed which felt like years to Cynthia .She had never lived so long inside the house .She used to spend her most of the time wandering outside on the street to avoid the taunt of aunt Margie and her overpampered daughter Hecate . She was waiting for the when Hecate finally leaves the home to go for her college but she thought why wasn't she going it has been more than a year she graduated from high school .Then she asnwered back herself might  be she has not got addmission in her so called dream college and was finding ways to get in there of course she wasn;t going to compromise going to a normal college as compromise wasn't a word in Heacte's dictionary and then after wasting time on thinking about the topic 'Hecate and college : A Mystery ,Cynthia finally used to realise Heacte's life isn't her work to worry about . She should mind her own buisness .Then she realised that she has no actual buisness to do lying on the bed staring at the roof as it was a myste

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