Back To The Woods

Time passed in minutes and Cynthia was now standing near the hunter shop waiting for Davina and Jackson .She saw Jeffery coming out from the shop holding thick iron chains which he was now putting in his car . 

"Hey Jeffery !" , Cynthia said and waved at him . He waved back . 

"Hey Cynthia what are you doing here ?" asked Jeffery . 

"I was waiting for Jackson and Davina . We are going somewhere ." answered back Cynthia . 

"Oh good have fun ." said Jeffery . 

"What are you doing with these chains ." asked Cynthia .

'oh that our dog puffy he has grown up to a massive size and is kinda aggresive you know .We wanted it to hold him when doctor visits him .So that he doesn't become a murdrer ." said Jeffery smiling nervouslessly . 

"Well I heard my brother got some problem with you .Is he troubling you ." asked Jeffery . 

"No we settled the dispute .It's all okay now ." said Cynthia . <

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