Vervain ...No I Am Just Allergic

Cynthia was now sitting with her friends Jackson and Davina in the mess hall .

"Where are Ada and Sheldon ." asked Cynthia . 

" They are in the library studying ." said Davina . 

"Oh god these nerds." said Cynthia giving an eye roll .

"Studying huh?" said Jackson and shook his head . 

"What else are they supposed to do in the library ." said Cynthia giggling .

"God knows ." said Davina giggling back . 

"Guys I am serious , they are up to something .Don't you guys notice they are hiding things from us , avoiding us and much more ." said Jackson . 

"Aww Jackson's boyfirend is ignoring him ." said Davina giggling . 

"No , I am saying they are upto something believe me  ." said Jackson . 

"What do you mean ?" asked Cynthia looking suspiciously at Jackson .

"I overheard them .. talking about the next full moon , they were saying it was a bloody moon ansd somethi

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