Cynthia and Damon were sitting silently in Damon's bedroom . They went there as it was getting colder outside . They both were nervous now that they had no secrets left among themselves .They just had a few days to know what to do next but were clueless how to even start discussing .It seemed like the world had turned upside down . It was just a week ago Cynthia was a nice normal girl like everyone else with no special motive in her life but now she had a lot to work on a lot to think and most importantly she had a lot of reponsibilities on her shoulder , Responsibilities of a whole plante , she was the moon princess . 

" Are you mad at me ?" asked Cynthia looking at Damon who was sitting silenty  just like a calm see when the storm is about to come .Cynthia had never him so silent and calm .

" What no not at all wasn't your fault i knew you didn't knew before  and then you were afraid to tell me's okay i understand ."

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