The infuriatingly demanding Adrian Larsen

"Miss, you should get some rest now. You're sitting here for hours. And your injuries should also be taken care of. Otherwise you can get an infection," said the young nurse as she gave Adrian another visit to check on him. 

It was the fourth time she asked me to get myself treated. But nobody, even my family, couldn't move me from here. From beside the man who reigned over my heart. 

The man who hasn't opened those electric blue eyes yet. And since I got my consciousness back, without wasting any second, I rushed to his side. They moved him to another room after his operation.

My heart clenched as my gaze roamed over his paler than usual features, ruffled hair and limp body. Just his broad chest rose and fell along with his breathing. That was the only thing that told me he was still with me. 

With my throat tightening, my eyes burned with tears, I gulped. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm

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Jiya Aly
welcome back mr attitude
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m so happy he is awake they deserve their happy ending .
goodnovel comment avatar
Shannon Senecal
Yay!! I'm so happy he's awake. They need each other and they both definitely need and deserve a happy ending.

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