The dry leaves and wee trunks crumbled under my feet as my hesitant legs trudged through the eerie tacit cemetery. Only the chirping of the birds, hidden behind the heavy branches of the mighty trees that surrounded the cemetery, could be heard around the silent graveyard.

Placing down the fresh Lilies before the newly wrought tombstone, my eyes roamed over the epitaph engraved on the stone.

'Tim Jonathan Reeves


A doting father and a courageous man we will always remember with pride in our hearts.'

"You shouldn't be here, you know? It's your wedding today," a whisper came from beside me.

Blinking away the moisture in my eyes, I turned to her. Her gaze set on the gravestone before us.

"I came to seek blessings from the person who has treated me as his own daughter all his life." And to say thanks too. After all, because of him I

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Maria Hughston
omg love this book.
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Eva Zahan
No, hon. One or two more chapters are left before the end.
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Eva Zahan
Thank you, hon!

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