The dangerous game

"I still don't think it's a good idea." I bit my lip, staring at myself in the mirror. I couldn't even recognize myself. 

"Shut up! We're going and that's final! Everything is taken care of, we just have to go through the plan," Laura said, giving the final touches to my makeover.

It was the day we were going to pull that stunt. The weekend had arrived in the blink of an eye. And I wasn't still convinced about her plan. Even if deep down I was quite excited about going out to have some fun, I was dreading the consequences if Dad somehow found out.

"Don't you think it's too short?" I tugged at the end of the dress that Laura chose for me. 

It was a beautiful black off shoulder dress that reached till my mid thighs and hugged my body perfectly, showing off my curves with a little glimpse of my cleavage.

"Nonsense! You're looking gorgeous in that dress! I wish I had those curves. I would roam around in bikinis all the time if I were you," Jenna, my cousin said with dreamy eyes, standing to my right.

I wasn't sure if aunt Marie would appreciate this fantasy of her daughter.

"That's why you don't have them," Chloe, my other best friend retorted, rolling her eyes from my left which had Jenna glare at her.

I shook my head at them. They never got along for long. 

They made the plan along with Laura. Seemed like they were hell bent on taking me to the party. Only God knew what was swirling around in the impish brain of theirs.

"Here you go! All done!" Laura chirped, stepping aside and appreciating her work. "You're looking absolutely beautiful!" 

Jenna and Chloe nodded their heads agreeing with her.

I twirled around a little, checking myself in the mirror. Laura really did magic on me with her talented hands.

My chestnut hair was in a high messy bun, with some strands falling on my face. The smokey eye made my green eyes look bigger. My lips were painted with nude lipstick, and a little blush on my cheekbones completed my look.

Smiling, I turned to them. They were also looking gorgeous in their outfits for tonight. 

"You guys are also looking amazing!"

Laura was flaunting a beautiful backless royal blue dress which went well with her black hair and amber eyes. Jenna wore a red gown which brought out her hair colour, while Chloe put on a white cold shoulder dress that fitted her lean figure perfectly.

"Not more than you." Jenna pouted. "But it's okay, it's good for our plan." A mischievous smile stretched across her red lips.

"What do you mean?" I frowned.

Then I noticed the evil glint in Laura's eyes, causing me to raise my brow at her.

"I know something is going on in your demonic head. What's it, Laura? Spill it now."

She waved her hand. "Nothing much! We're just going to play a game."

"What game?"

A smirk curled up at her lips. "A game of tease."

My whole facial muscles narrowed in confusion. "A game of tease?" 

She nodded. 

"You mean I've to tease someone or something like that?"

"Yes!" Excitement dripped from her voice.

"Who?" I shouldn't have agreed to go to that club.

"Adrian." Her smirk stretched.

"Adrian, who..." My eyes widened as the size of saucers as realization hit me. "You mean- you mean that infamous Adrian T Larsen you were chasing for some months now?" Mouth agape, I stared at her incredulously.

Everyone knew who Adrian T Larsen was. 

One of the top businessmen of the country, a freaking multi-billionaire! Who was also known as the most gorgeous and handsome eligible bachelor of NY. 

And not to forget, also the biggest playboy and a cold hearted ruthless man. He didn't know what kindness was, he had a dark past, and blah, blah, blah. That's what she has been telling me for  months now.

These were rumours though. But there was no smoke without fire, right? 

"Yes, but that handsome arrogant asshole had ignored me every time I was around him! He didn't even spare a glance! So I had to just flirt with his cousin. Though his cousin is also hot enough-"

"So you want revenge?" I cut her babbling, crossing my hands over my chest.

"No revenge. We will just play a game for fun. You will tease him by ignoring him like he does to everyone. He is used to getting a lot of attention, you know? So a sudden blow from a stranger beauty will definitely hurt his bigger than the sky male ego," she explained. "It's gonna be so fun seeing his expression when maybe for the first time in his life a girl would behave around him like he doesn't even exist!"

I shook my head in disbelief. 

"Listen, I don't have any interest in him, and nor in this game. It's a very bad idea. I'm not gonna tease any Adrian Larsen because of your stupid revenge." 

"It's a sweet revenge. And that's exactly why I want you to do it, you won't fall at his feet as soon as you see him. Because these two," she said, pointing at Jenna and Chloe, "already have a crush on the Larsens." 

Jen and Chloe smiled sheepishly, confirming that Laura was indeed telling the truth.

"And why do you think that he would even notice a girl like me in the swarm of hundreds of beautiful girls?" I raised my brow.

She frowned. "Well, that was a really good joke. You don't have any idea what you're, so don't even try to make me reconsider my plan. I know my plan is the best, just like me." She flipped her dark locks over her shoulder with a smirk on her face, as if very proud of herself.

I rolled my eyes at her melodrama. I had doubts about her plan. Teasing and damaging a notorious man's ego was definitely not the best thing to do.

"Pleaseeeees!" They pleaded, staring at me with puppy eyes.

I stayed quiet, still hesitating.

"Come on, Sofia! Can't you even do this for us? It will be fun, all you have to do is just sit there and ignore him, that's all. Don't be a party pooper!" Chloe pursed her lips.

"Finally I will get to have some fun, Sofia. Don't spoil it, please?" Jenna pouted.

"Ugh, fine! You guys will be the death of me someday!" I groaned. 

"Yes! Thank you! Thank you so much! You're the best!" Squealing, they threw their arms around me.

"I'm still not happy with the plan though." I chewed on my lip, pulling away. "So, how are we going to pull this up?" 

And just as I asked the question, someone knocked on the door.

"What are you doing here?"

I let out a sigh of relief, when I saw the person outside of the door. I was dreading if it was Dad or Max. They would literally lock us in the house if they got even a sniff of our plan.

"Is this your way to greet your cousin, Sofie pup?" Sam, Jenna's brother said, placing his hand over his chest pretending to be hurt.

"Don't call me that! And you didn't answer my question." 

"Why don't you ask Laura?" He winked, walking past me inside the room.

"L, what's he doing here?" I frowned.

"Chill girl, I know he is annoying but he will help us to get there," she said, making Sam scowl at her.

"And how is that?" I asked.

And then she explained her strategy.


It wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. Laura really did plan everything. She told Mom that we were going over to Jenna's place for a sleepover and party with our little group. She happily let us go and also promised to take care of Dad and Max.

I didn't want to lie to her, but it had to be done.

We also got rid of our bodyguards easily. Once we reached Jenna's home, Sam told them to go back as we were supposed to stay the night, so there was no need for them to stick around. And being a mafia leader's sister, aunt Marie's home was highly secured, so we'd be safe there. The guards were hesitating at first but eventually agreed. 

And with all the obstacles removed from our path, we took a car and left for the club.

As we entered the club, the first thing that hit us was the loud music and neon lights. Strong smell of perfumes, alcohol and sweat was high in the air.

Lots of young girls and boys were present there, gossiping, laughing and dancing. Some were making out at the corners. Some were even doing more than that, too drunk to care. I immediately averted my eyes, biting back the urge to gag. But that didn't bale the andreline thrumming in my veins. Escaping everyone, including the bodyguards was… exciting. I haven't done it for so long.

Today was Saturday, so the club was full. Most of them will party till late night. 

"Wow! I am going to get so wasted tonight! It's been a while," Chloe said, her hazel eyes twinkling with excitation.

I understood her. Though Tim wasn't as strict as Dad as a parent, still, being a left hand of a mafia leader he had to put some restraints on his only daughter's activities. And one of them was not to get drunk and break the curfew. 

"Me too! By the way, where is our target? I can't wait to see him. I only saw him in the magazines and God! Was he hot?" Jen fanned her face with her hand.

He often comes on the front page in the top magazines. But I didn't read business magazines, so I didn't see him.

"There they are!" Laura pointed towards the bar counter, making us all turn to the direction.

Two men were there by the counter, the one with blonde hair and white shirt, stood with two girls on his both sides, laughing and flirting with each other while drinking some drinks.

He was good-looking, I must admit. 

And the other one with jet black hair and broad shoulders who sat beside the blonde, donned a black shirt which wrapped around his lean but masculine torso in a tight grip. His grey jacket hung in the back of his seat. 

He was surrounded by some girls. One was literally throwing herself on his lap while running her hands to his back and chest, whispering something into his ear. 

As his back was facing us, I couldn't see his reaction. But then he turned to the bimbo, and we got to see his face.

I didn't know why but I felt like I stopped breathing for a moment. 

He was... out of this world. 

With a set of sharp jaws, strong nose and sinful lips, he looked like he just walked out straight from a magazine. His hair was slightly ruffled as if he ran his hands through them many times, which gave him a sexy look.

For some reason, I knew it was him we were here for. The Adonis I needed to tease.

"Holy shit! Are they for real? They look more good in person!" Jen's voice brought me back from my trance. 

I shook my head. Remember why you're here, Sofia? To ignore him. So what if he was achingly beautiful? Don't forget he was a manwhore who changed girls like his shirts. 

"Let's go girls! It's time to work on our mission." Laura took my arm, leading me through the crowd. Jen and Chloe followed behind while Sam disappeared in the crowd to find some 'hot girls', but not before he warned us about wandering around much.

"How did you know that they were coming here?" I asked Laura.

"They come here every Saturday. I met them here," she replied. "See the one with black hair? He is Adrian Larsen, our mission. You ready to play the game, babe?"

I knew it. He was the one.

"More than ever!" My eyes set on him.

"That's my girl!" She boosted.

Though I wasn't interested in this mission earlier, I was kinda excited for it now. 

It's gonna be fun.

We sauntered to the bar and Laura ordered some drinks for us. We stood close to them to make it easier. And Jen and Chloe were already ogling at them. 

Did they forget about our plan already? 

I didn't drink alcohol so I took a seat beside Laura and ordered the bartender for an apple juice. The bartender eyed me. Finding no male companion with me, he flashed me a crooked grin. 

"Apple juice? Why would a beautiful girl like you drink apple juice coming to a club, want me to give you something strong?" 

I pursed my lips. "No thanks. Just give me what I asked for." 

His smile fell, getting the idea of me not being interested in him and went back to his job, to make my apple juice.

"Hey Liam! Remember me?" Laura chirped as Liam approached her.

"How can I forget a beautiful girl like you!" He engulfed her in a hug.

I couldn't tell if Adrian Larsen had noticed us yet or not, as I still didn't look at him.

Sipping on my juice, I stared at the dance floor, suddenly taking interest in the crowd. I noticed how some girls threw flashing red eyes to our way, maybe because one of the Larsens was taking interest in us rather than them.

"And who is this beautiful girl here?" Liam asked, glancing at me.

"This is Sofia, my best friend," replied Laura.

"Hey beautiful!" He approached his hand for a handshake. "Liam here, Liam Larsen. Nice to meet you!"

"Hey!" I accepted his hand with a small smile, but retracted quickly when he started to rub the backside of my hand with his thumb. 


After being introduced to Jen and Chloe, Liam ordered drinks for them except me, as I still hadn't finished my juice.

They talked and laughed as he continued cracking some stupid jokes who weren't even funny. Though he talked to them, I didn't miss him checking me out from time to time.

"Hey! Wouldn't you introduce us to your hot cousin over there?" Chloe pointed to Adrian Larsen who still wasn't aware of our presence. 

Though I took a subtle glance at him. With a glass in his hand, he seemed to be lost in some deep thought. While the girl beside him continued trying to seek his attention.

"Am I not hot, sweetheart? You hurt me!" Liam teased, placing a hand on his chest.

"Of course you are! But I can't just ignore that hot cousin of yours now, can I?" She gave him an innocent smile.

He laughed, shaking his head.

"Hey bro! look some beautiful girls want to meet you," he called out over his shoulder.

'Don't look at him Sofia' reminding myself, I turned around, so that now my back was leaning to the counter.

"Dance with me?" Suddenly Liam appeared in front of me, giving his hand for me to take.

"Sorry, I don't dance." I declined his offer with a smile, without being rude. Actually I loved to dance but I definitely didn't like to dance with strangers and especially with playboys. 

He stared at me in disbelief.


"You aren't interested in dancing with me?" he asked as if he heard the most unbelievable thing in this world. 

"Oh, it's not that. It's just that I don't like to dance, sorry!" I told him politely.

Nodding, he put a tight smile on his face. "No problem. It's fine!" With that, he left, leaving me with another glass of apple juice.

And then I felt something. 

As if someone was creating a burning hole at the side of my head with their intense gaze.

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