Adrian's POV

Loosing the knot of my tie, I paced around my office. My jaw clenched and unclenched, fists shook to destroy something; my vision turned red. 

How dare that leech come into my office building and abuse one of my employees! And then he dared try to hit Sofia! My Sofia! 

Fucking criminal bastard! 

My entire frame shook with rage. My hands itched to curl around his throat and…

The thoughts disturbed me. My lips thinned at my own lack of self control. 

No! I've handed him over to the police, and made sure he rots behind the cells for the rest of his life. I didn't need to stoop to his standard. I didn't need to behave like a mindless criminal, some dirt of a local gang. 

I was not him.

Even the word: criminal, brought a bitte

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