Arranged To The Mafia (The Mafia's Bloodlust Series)
Arranged To The Mafia (The Mafia's Bloodlust Series)
Author: Crystal L

Chapter 1


“Are you excited?” My best friend, Natalie asked. It was my wedding day, a wedding that would bring the two families together, in hopes to keep my family safe.

“Yes, very” I rolled my eyes, sarcasm dripping from my voice as I spoke. Natalie rolled her greyish blue eyes on me fixing my brown curly hair which I didn’t bother looking at. I couldn’t care less about this marriage to the Russian. It was even worse that I had to move to the States with him, leaving my home, my family, and friends behind, I didn’t want to do it. However, I knew that I had to, and knowing who he was, how ruthless and merciless he was; I knew that he wouldn’t spare me for a second before sending me back home. That would lead to a war between families which my family could not afford. It annoyed me why I was doing this more than ever. But I knew that I had no other option. It was either this this or I suffered the consequence of what I was to bear if anything went otherwise.

“Remember why you’re doing this” my father’s voice repeated in my head. It hurt like hell, my heart aching every time I thought about it. But I knew why I was doing this therefore, despite myself I had to give in. Especially since my family’s, more specifically, my mother’s, safety depended on it. Being the weaker family in the mafia community, and with no son as an heir to father. It was up to me to unite and guarantee the safety of this family, even if I was forced to a contract marriage. I would make sure it works, well, as much as I could, and if not, mother’s life would be the price of this. Though I was trained to be able to fight, trained to be able to protect myself and my family. I made sure to never be a disgrace to my family, nor was I the spoiled princess I was supposed to be. My father still used my mother to threaten me to doing what he wanted. This part, of course, was something that no one, not even mum knew of. Father having taken me to his office that night when mum had slept. I knew that he did not love her, that he was only married to her for the pleasure of having a wife. Though the stories told me otherwise, everyone spoke of their deep love before their marriage, there was also a time when I knew that they were in love. I saw it in their eyes, how it changed was beyond me. But it did.

“Come on Kiara, he’s hot. Plus, he’s from a rich and strong family” Natalie said smiling. I couldn’t blame her for being as excited as she was. She knew nothing about my family being a mafia, where we came from, what we did, how we lived. It was something that she was oblivious to. All she saw was the bling we had, and for that I couldn’t blame her for seeing this marriage as a blessing rather than my curse. I would’ve thought the same thing if I was in her shoes. I were being honest, I would have slapped me for not wanting this marriage, ironic isn’t it?

“Come on Natalie, let’s get going. The guests are already waiting and dad would be coming up to get us if we don’t go down, and we both don’t want that” I said looking at my best friend through the mirror. Wondering when I’d be able to see her again, have another proper conversation with her, sit like we did in my or her bedroom and talk for hours. Even if she didn’t know who my family was or what they did, she still was MY best friend, regardless to all the crap my family did. A small lie to keep her safe was a lot better in my eyes than putting her in a danger which could cost her life, I would NEVER be able to live with myself if anything happened to her.

“Oh, Kiara, are you crying?” Natalie asked turning me to face her. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me, it being the first time I’ve cried in front of her. Being the only daughter of the mafia don, especially since he did not have a son, meant that I would never be showing any weakness. It wasn’t even allowed, and I didn’t need to be told about it. I always wanted to prove myself worthy of being my father’s daughter. Even though he sometimes despised the fact that he did not have a son, seeing as I was not worth his time or effort. I was still mostly the one who got him OUT of trouble rather than throw him IN it.

“I’ll miss you so much Nat” I whispered hugging her. Natalie pulled away from the hug and wiped my tears cupping my cheeks and smiling at me. Though her eyes had filled with tears as well, I knew that my emerald green eyes would be bloodshot red from crying, and I didn’t want that right now. Everyone had to believe that this marriage was something that I was happy and excited about.

“Oh, Kia, we’ll be talking every day, video calls, phone calls, text messages, and I’ll be visiting you in American whenever I can. You can show me around there, you know I’ve never been there” Natalie said softly. I gave her the best smile I could manage. Wiping my tears and checking my appearance once more in the wedding dress. The dress hugging my curves in all the right places, bringing out my breasts, showing me off to everyone. The dentelle, which was mum’s idea, covered the dress all over giving it a fancier look. I personally wasn’t really interested, the wedding being the least of my concern. It was mother, Natalie, and Natalie’s mother, Margaret, who chose my dress.

“Come on love, let’s get going before dad comes up to get us himself” I said walking toward the door.

“Wait your flower bouquet” Natalie said handing me the white flower bouquet. I smiled and raised my dress, careful not step on it. I walked out of my bedroom for the last time before heading down to see the guests who were waiting for me to walk down the aisle. To them, I was the beautiful Brook bride who was marrying the strongest mafia don. But to me, signing that wedding paper today was my death certificate.


“Princess, you look lovely” dad said smiling both of us well aware of eyes on us. I smiled back at him knowing that it was what he expected me to do. He cupped my cheeks and kissed my forehead before looking me in the eye. His eyes saying the same sentence he said to me when he first told me about this marriage. The kiss being simply for show in front of the guests, and I had to fight back a sarcastic laugh at the fact.

Remember why you’re doing this.

Nikolay looked at me from beside his father. His icy blue eyes met my green ones, both our eyes cold as ice toward one another. Both of us hating the day we were suddenly destined as one another’s partner.

“Kiara, my baby girl” mum smiled approaching me. She opened her hands for me and hugged me tightly. Her eyes looking proud as she looked at her daughter who was now a bride to one of the most powerful mafia bosses, the future Mrs. Ivanov. The savior of this family. She appreciated what I was doing, at least that was what she showed

“Mum, you look lovely” I said looking at mum who smiled. Putting her hand on my lower back. Slowly pushing me forward to my future husband, who happened to be walking toward me. Probably under the pressure of his father Dimitri Ivanov, who was looking at my father. Both of them nodding at one another in greeting. I took a deep breath before taking a step forward to my ‘husband to be’.

“Nikolay” I greeted him with cold eyes. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and both of us cheek kissed for show. Pulling away from the quick peck, the two of us looked one another in the eye.

“Kiara” he answered coldly. His sharp jaw tensing. I took my time to examine his face, though I’ve seen him hundreds of times as I grew up. Neat scruff, muscular body which was visible under his designer suit, and his deep voice which would have had any girl swooned at his feet. I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes on him, knowing that his gun was under his jacket. Mine was strapped on my thigh just like it always is.

“Let’s get this over with” he said and I nodded. This ceremony was taking way too long for my liking anyway. The faster we got done with it, the faster we could leave, and the faster I could get out of this dress.

“Please” I muttered under my breath. My eyes meeting Vladimir’s, Nikolay’s right hand, best friend, and brother by blood. These two were somewhat inseparable, they grew up by one another. Their fathers were best mates growing up, Dimitri was the don of the Russian mafia family, and Ivan was his right hand. When their sons were born, they grew up as brothers. Lived together as so, and when Dimitri saw that it was time to retire when his son reached the age of twenty five. He gave Nikolay his position, and Vladimir just took his father’s by default.

Both Nikolay and I walked toward the table where we were to sign our wedding agreement. Being married to a man I despised was never on my to do list. Then again, if I think about it, him and I were once friends. But that was long before any of us reached puberty. He was eleven at the time and I was seven. Then we grew older and each one of us sided with his own family. Thus turning us against one another, especially when attacks were being made by the other English Mafia families toward the Russians.

We signed the paper, and I looked at my new sir name. Ivanov, Kiara Ivanov, wife of Nikolay Ivanov. I had to fight back a sigh as I took a deep breath. Nikolay drinking from the glass that was on the table before handing it to me to take a sip. Both of us agreeing that it would be the most suitable thing to do. Especially since I refused to lose my first kiss to a man that I did not love, and yes. I was twenty-six, a virgin, who had never kissed a man, but blame it on my father, who never saw a man fit for me, and had been preparing me to marry the Russian don since I was young anyway. No man could even think of approaching me without fearing losing his life. Then as time went by, I lost interest in finding a fit one for me anyway knowing that it would simply be a waste of time if I never had a future with him.

“Congratulations to our new bride and groom, and welcome to the family, Mrs. Ivanov”

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