Chapter 5


I walked into the garage my body boiling with anger as I thought of Grace’s words.

They were harsh, and I didn’t know how to respond to her without getting MYSELF into shit that I wasn’t going to be able to handle. Therefore I was forced to stay quiet. I was forced to walk out and just let her insult me the way she did, and now I’m going to give them an excuse to mock me. Thinking that I was a child for walking out the way I did. Yes, I admit that it was a bit uncalled for from my own end. But judging by the circumstances that I was in, I had no other option.

However, I didn’t plan on giving her the satisfaction of thinking that I left because of her. I didn’t want them knowing that they were hurting me. It was something against my nature, and everything I’ve learned.

Clicking the key button to unlock the car which Nikolay gave me the keys for. I raised an eyebrow when a white Range Rover’s lights went on meaning that it was unlocked. Looking at the key which was in my hand. It was indeed a Range Rover’s key.

Hmm, sporty. I like…


“Sorry I’m late, I wanted strawberry juice and didn’t find any in the kitchen. So, I figured that I’d go to the store and get it myself”  I said walking inside the dining room. Suddenly becoming the center of attention as everyone turned to face me. I walked toward the dining table, putting the juice bottle on top of it. Knowing that Nikolay’s eyes were on me as I walked. The man had clearly not been expecting me to be back.

I looked at Grace who rolled her eyes on me. But I paid her no attention as I walked past the men to Nikolay’s mum, Mia, where she had indicated that she wants me to sit by her side. Dimitri smiling at me, and I nodded at him, giving him a soft smile. He and Ivan both shared a proud look as they saw my calm reaction.

“How did you sleep, dear? How do you feel after the jetlag?” Mia asked me softly. Turning her gaze to me. Her green eyes meeting mine, and I couldn’t help but smile at her gentleness. Being different than her son and daughter who were making sure to glare at me whenever their eyes met mine. However, I knew not to care about what they were doing. I wasn’t a spoiled brat to care about such childish manners, and if they thought that I did. Then they were mostly looking at the wrong girl.

“I’m fine love, thank you for your concern” I said politely. The woman’s gentleness would’ve made a rock soften. She put her hand over mine and squeezed in assurance. Knowing that this was not the way any bride wanted to spend the first night married. Being away from her husband. Having given me my own room, I was aware that he had prepared everything as NOT to see me. The man didn’t even want to look at me and his own family proved that they all shared his same perspective. It hurt when you thought about it, but I wasn’t going to dwell about the subject. Whatever was destined to happen, had happened. I was a married girl, and Nikolay was my husband. It was either we both accepted and lived with it, or I would end up suffering a consequence that I didn’t want to think about.

“Why don’t you and Nikolay go out today? Try getting to know one another?” Mia asked looking at me. Removing her blonde hair from her eyes. I looked at Nikolay who glared at me, both of us not wanting this. It was obvious in our eyes.

“Maybe another day, love. I’m still drowsy from the long trip, and I still haven’t settled…”

“Oh, that is nonsense. Go out for the day, the maids can take care of it. You go and have fun” Mia said stopping me. I looked at Nikolay hoping that he would say anything to change his mother’s mind but he did not speak as he ate watching us in silence. I closed my eyes not knowing what to say. t annoyed me, but I nodded at Mia who was being genuine to me, wanting to help me out. Agreeing to go out with her son for the day, and since the man didn’t speak to object. Then he must have a reason for it.

“Where are you going Nikolay?” Mia asked her son who got up. Running his fingers through his black hair. I frowned in confusion at the man who didn’t even look at me as he walked toward his mum and kissed the crown of her head. She smiled at him and I couldn’t help but feel my heart skip a beat at the sight of them. Despite him being who he is, he loved and respected his mum deeply.

“I have work, mom. If I was going out in a bit, might as well get some work done” Nikolay said calmly. He nodded at me before going out through the door, Vladimir following shortly after him. The two other men who were sitting with us, leaving Grace, Dimitri, me, and I’m assuming Claudia and Adrian, the youngest of the Ivanov siblings.

“I’ll go check on the stuff and start with them before going out” I said excusing myself from the table. Wanting to give the family their privacy. It was better to know when to leave when it was not your place. That was something that I had learned from mum and dad a long time ago.

“Kiara darling…”

“I’ll just start with things dearie, I’ll need to choose what I’ll wear too. Most of my things are in my bags and I can’t go out wearing sweat pants and a shirt” I said smiling at Mia stopping her. Not wanting to be rude for getting up without even eating anything she looked at my clean plate before she nodded at me.

“Alright dear, let Maddie help you if you need anything, I’m sure you two could get things done a lot faster if you’re working with one another” Mia said softly. I nodded at her and leaned down to kiss her cheek. Nodding at Dimitri before walking out of the dining room and going up heading to my bedroom. I knew that Mia had told me to call Madeline to help me, but I was sure that she had other more important things to tend to.

“Nice save” Nikolay said meeting me in front of my bedroom door. I raised an eyebrow at him but he simply smirked at me “I’m talking about going to hell to get strawberry juice”

“Didn’t you have ‘work’ to finish?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him. He smirked at me knowing that he was ticking a button, though why he was I didn’t know. Especially since he said or did nothing wrong.

“You’re very stupid if you bought that excuse. I was waiting for you” Nikolay said. I glared at him, crossing my arms over my chest as I waited for him to finish what he had to say. Ignoring the fact that he just called me stupid as I didn’t feel like getting into an argument with him.

“What do you want Nikolay?” I asked raising an eyebrow at the don who was looking at me with a smirk on his face. I didn’t know where this conversation was going, but I didn’t like it.

“We will go out, we’ll do it for mom. Don’t think that I’m doing anything for you, and that doesn’t mean that I want anything to do with you” Nikolay said rudely. I rolled my eyes at him and nodded. The feeling was mutual in every possible way. The man was just too full of himself to realize that.

“I already know that we’re going out for your mum’s sake, and by the way, love. The feeling is mutual, don’t worry” I said giving him a sarcastic smile. One which he did not return as his smirk turned into a frown.

“Good, I don’t want you thinking that anything will change between us. Our marriage is still a contract marriage…”

“I do know that it is a contract marriage Nikolay. I married you to protect my family. For a stupid alliance to be formed. You don’t need to remind me of it on our second day being married” I snapped stopping the mafia don. He raised an eyebrow at my reaction and I glared at him. The one reason I was married to him was to protect mum. I knew that her life was the cost of this marriage. The family’s alliance was bullshit to me if I compared it with her. Especially since dad was sure to kick me out of anything that belonged to ‘family’, leaving me with nothing. Knowing that I wasn’t the one who would be taking care of the family ‘legacy’ if I didn’t get married anyway. Dad made sure to let me and everyone know that he would’ve never left it in my care, and now that I was married to Nikolay. I don’t think that dad or any of the other men who were part of our family would allow me to have the family’s dynasty. Especially since it would be in the hands of the Russian.

“Good, now that it is cleared. I’ll be waiting for you to get ready. The faster we get this day over with, the better” Nikolay said calmly. Not knowing why I was angered by what he said. But I knew that he didn’t really care. all that mattered for him was that he was doing his part of the contract. The rest was up to me to do.

“Alright, if you let me get inside my bedroom to get ready then I will. I don’t think you’re invisible nor are you walkthrough. Just a friendly reminder” I said glaring at him. Nikolay moved away from the door and walked toward his bedroom. Which was the door in front of mine. I raised an eyebrow at the fact that my room was right in front of his. However, that wouldn’t make a difference since I was sure that his mother had something to do with it. I was sure that if  it were up to this man, he would’ve put my room up in an attic for all he cared. But that didn’t matter after today. I knew what I needed to do to keep myself out of trouble.

But first, I needed to get today over with.

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