Chapter 9


“Fuck…” I hissed as I reached my climax, Jenna tightened around me as reached her own high with a whimper. Coming undone under me.

I pulled out of her laying down beside her to catch my breath. She laid on her side looking at me and I looked down at her raising an eyebrow at her “I thought that I wouldn’t see you again”

Her finger ran over my chest, down to my abs. I smirked and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her body to my chest. She smiled looking up at me “and why would you think that?”

“You got married and…”

“I believe that you know the rules Jenna, don’t try” I winked at her. Jenna nodded knowing her limit. Her brown eyes meeting my blue ones. Her silk blonde hair falling over her back. she leaned in to my lips, softly kissing me. Knowing that we would be going to have another round. I tightened my arms around her, pulling her close. Smiling into the kiss, she wrapping her arms around my neck, straddling my lap, slowly grinde

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goodnovel comment avatar
I wish I had read this before reading Vladimir and Eliana’s story.
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Julia Hoyer
Rude and a cheater ! Do we suppose to like him now ? How ?

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