Chapter 10


I sat in my bedroom on my bed scrolling through my phone. Wearing a comfortable long sleeved grey shirt and matching sweat pants.

The door was knocked twice and I raised an eyebrow looking at it for a second “come in”

The door opened revealing Madeline who smiled entering the bedroom. Her hair made in a braid and she wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Carrying a tray of food in her hand, she walked inside closing the door before she walked toward me. I got up from bed and headed toward her taking the tray from her and setting it on the coffee table which was in front of the white couch inside the bedroom.

“You didn’t have to do this Madeline” I told her gently. Her brown eyes met my green ones and she smiled giving me a gentle nod.

“First, you can call me Maddie, and second, you haven’t eaten anything all day…” her smile turned from one that was cheerful to one that was somewhat sorry. It was like she pitied me “I heard what happened

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Heather Gray
Hope she doesn’t sleep with him
goodnovel comment avatar
Yeah, sisters that sleeps with her husband. I keep thinking she’s going to do something to Kiara…. .... These men are awful.

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