Chapter Six

Alessandro pov

I sat in the living room after putting my mom on her bed in our room, uncle micheal and the man I had come to know as Jermaine black my so called father's brother which would make him my uncle sat there talking, from there conversation I heard that I still had grandparents and an aunt who will be visiting the day after tomorrow. 

I soon tuned them out though because my mind was still on my mom I know your probably wondering what 17 year old worries about his mom that much but I can't help but worry aside from the blood moon pack it has always been just me and my mom against the world and I know she had a horrible childhood so I make it my daily duty to make her smile and feel loved and appreciated. 

Sometimes though she's just too stubborn I can't believe she went into the woods alone and now she's hurt I know my mom is like super badass I still can't believe she killed two rogues without even shifting but, she's not immortal, she needs to be more careful. I sighed hoping her leg heels quickly I can't stand to see her hurt it puts me and my wolf on edge. I snapped out of my thoughts as I felt my mom's presence I turned to see her hopping into the living room I quickly got up to help her get to a chair 

"how are you feeling mom?" I asked her as she sat in the chair 

"I'm fine sweetie" she replied 

"So, your Michael's baby sister whom he can't stop talking about" uncle jermaine says 

"I'm Jermaine black brother of the alpha" stretched his hand to my mother 

flirt much I thought to myself 

"Rosalyn Parker sister of the beta" my mother replied shaking his hand

Before anymore pleasantries could be exchanged a voice interrupted us.

"So it was you, for a second I thought I was hallucinating, long time no see Rosalyn" the voice said

We all turned to look at the person who spoke, I looked him over once before realizing who he was i instantly got in a defensive stance guarding my mother

"And who are you?" He asked annoyance clear in his voice because i kept growling at him unconsciously. 

"Alpha this is my sister and her son Alessandro remember I told you they were coming for my wedding" uncle micheal says 

"Ah yes I remember now" he said still looking in the direction of me and my mom 

He walked towards us but I growled at him again he stopped in front of us and stared at me studying my features I saw his eyes go wide before his face became emotionless. 

"Rosalyn who is the father of your son?" He asked my mom

She turned and looked at him but she didn't answer him he asked her the question again by this time he was seething with anger

"Is he mine?" He asked anger rolling off him in waves 

By now everyone was staring at us in confusion there was also more person's in the living room than there was before including aunt Genevieve. 

"I said is he mine!!!!!!?" He shouted making the house boom from the power in his voice but his alpha tone doesn't work on my mom not even mine does only alpha Xander own works but he doesn't use it on us. 

I was about to say something when mom stood up and walked away but he grabbed her hand and gripped it, and she winced in pain by now I was beyond furious how dare that bastard put his filthy hands on my mother i stood up to approach them but mom stopped me and yanked her arm away from his grip she sighed before turning to me asking if i was OK with her telling him, i nodded, I didn't care whether or not he knew it doesn't change anything she then turned back to him saying 

"17 years ago on that night we had sex, after what happened next I left, then a few days later I found out I was pregnant so to answer your question yes Alessandro is your son"

As the words left her lips she was being pinned to the wall held there by a very angry alpha but I was more pissed than he was and in that moment all I could think was I'm gonna kill him.

"You took my son away from me for 17years!!! He yelled 

I could feel that my mom was in pain it's this weird connection we had ever since I was born it was like a replica of the mate bond except it was a mother and son bond I could feel her emotions, know when she's in pain etc.

"You took this packs future alpha for 17 years when he should have been training to take over the pack!!? 

What was this asshole talking about I'm never gonna be the alpha of this stupid pack I may have alpha blood but I don't care about ruling the only thing I cared about was taking care of my mom until the day either of us dies and finding my mate, nothing else.

"You didn't even bother to at least tell me I have a son!!?" He all but screamed

Mom pushed him off her then turned to him with a glare

"First of all he is my son not yours you rejected me so that means you rejected him you have no claim over him and neither does your pack"

Got that right 

The pack members who were present which was about half the pack all lowly growled at her words I turned and growled at them for growling at my mother however she ignored them and turned back to the alpha 

"And don't think for a second there's anything you can do about it all mighty alpha because you, better than anyone knows the law" she says walking away. 

Werewolf laws state that if a male rejects his mate while she is pregnant he not only give up his right to claim her as his but he gives up his right to the child and so if the mother decide that she doesn't want him around he cannot take her child from her. 

He grabbed my mother's hand again tighter than he previously did which made her cry out in pain that was more than I could bare every ounce of self control I had flew out the window I didn't know when I moved from where I was until I heard my mom gasped, I realized I had my claws in my father's neck squeezing his throat that's when i realized my wolf had taken over. 

My wolf Xavier hardly ever makes an appearance as I rarely need him to fight because mom taught me how to fight and build up my strength in both human a werewolf form but I guess the sight of our mother been treated that way by that asshole was more than he could bare and for once I wasn't objecting that he took over but I had to take back control because I knew my wolf would kill him and I know mom wouldn't want that, so I took over from my wolf and growled in my father's face then said to him 

"if you ever touch my mother again I will rip you to shreds" 

I could hear his pack growling but I didn't care I turned to all of them and say 

"My mother and I will be here for a month and if i ever and I mean ever see her crying, frowning or anything bad happens to her because of you or anyone else in this pack I will kill every single last one of you from the smallest of omega straight up to the alpha" I said turning to my father

My claws were still in his neck and he was bleeding heavily. 

"If you don't believe I can take down your pack by myself then go ahead and check with the council because i have done it already and I won't hesitate to do it again so if anyone even as simple as whisper about my mother the wrong way the Howling moon pack will be erased from history" 

"And as for you daddy dearest I suggest you stay the fuck away from my mother because i am already itching to kill you, she didn't keep me away from you for 17 years only four"

He looked at me confused as well as everyone else so I decided to elaborate. 

"I found out you were my father when I was four years old but ever since I was born I knew that you rejected my mother i don't know how I know but I did when I was four I asked her about it and she told me what happened ever since then she has been asking me over and over if i wanted to meet you but every time she asked I said no because i didn't wanna meet you. I've had an itching to kill you ever since I was four years old because you broke my mother's heart but instead of hunting you down and killing you like my wolf and I wanted I decided to make sure I spend every day making up for all the love my mom lost to you assholes so if you mess with her I won't hold back again I will kill you and let your family watch before I slaughter them too" I say before removing my hand from his throat

He fell to the floor gasping for air a few pack members ran up to him and carried him off to the pack doctor I turned to see my mom standing there with shock written over her face I walked up to her and hugged her she stiffened at the sudden contact but then relaxed when she realized it was me.

I felt her yawn in my shirt so I picked her up and brought her to the room and placed her on the bed tucking her in. She yawned again and shut her eyes I kissed her on her forehead and whispered goodnight 

"Voglio bene alla tua mamma(I love you mom)

"I love you too my sweet boy" she says before falling asleep. 

I went into the bathroom to take a shower to calm down and get all this blood off me. My shower lasted for an hour I got out and brushed my teeth then wrapped a towel around my waist I went into the closet and put on boxers a black sweat pants then got into bed, I stayed there for a few minutes before i became sleepy and darkness took me over.

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Cavassi Cavalier
I can't remember but Im sure theres a flaw and he has to stay, because she didn't tell the Alpha about her pregnancy shes at fault so he has to stay and take on the Alpha role or something like that.
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I really like this one
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Cool ep (:

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