Chapter Seven

Ke'shaun pov 

I laid in my bed as the events of yesterday played over in my head. Rosalyn is back she's also as beautiful as I remember. Also, I can't believe I have a son I knew he was mine the moment I laid eyes on him, i would feel proud except for the fact that he hates me and it's obvious he doesn't want anything to do with this pack either I can't blame him though I did reject his mother and I know I had hurt her all those years ago as well as yesterday I didn't mean to I was just so angry she kept my son from me and I lost control to my wolf. 

I sighed as I thought about the stuff he said to me he's brave I'll give him that no one threatens an alpha in front of his pack and those stuff he said about taking down other packs before i will remember to look into that later. 

I rubbed my neck while deep in thought my wounds healed instantly seeing as I'm an alpha and he wasn't applying that much pressure just enough

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Lori Archer
love his protective heart for his Momma
goodnovel comment avatar
will she get a second chance mate the first one seems to weak and unattractive
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Sandy Jo
Yes! I find myself rushing through the text, then going back and rereading with editing, to get the full context. It would be an easier read with correct punctuation.

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