Chapter Eight

Micheal's pov 

As I walked up the stairs to the alpha's office I saw Rosalyn and Alessandro leaving, I am surprised to see them leaving his office I hope no one is bleeding again. Rosalyn smiled when she saw me and pulled me into a hug, when I pulled away I heard her say 

"Micheal I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Ke'shaun being my mate and Alessandro's father I didn't want you to have any ill will against him as you are the beta of this pack and I knew you would be mad at him"

"I understand" I replied

"Honestly I just wish you would have told me but that is in the past now I'm just glad you guys are ok also, Rosalyn Mr and Mrs black are coming back today I don't know how that will unfold I just thought you should you know"

I looked at Alessandro's face to try and get a read off him but it was blank Rosalyn however had countless emotions on her face and I was slowly regretting asking her t

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Comments (6)
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Kenny Monese
hope she gets her happiness
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
seriously Michael! as her brother you should not want the wolf who rejected her to try to win her back. why have that even on your mind. alpha should explain to her first why and she'd have to deal with amber and all of the other she wolves that alpha has slept with. gag
goodnovel comment avatar
Kim Hazlehurst
I like the book so far it's nice with everyone's point of view

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