Chapter Nine

Rosalyn's pov 

After Alessandro and I left Ke'shaun's office we ventured to the second floor where Michael told us my father would be, I haven't seen my father in years we've talked over the phone and our relationship is pretty good however I can't help but wonder if deep down he's disappointed in me, after all I did get pregnant at 18 and as bad as the whole situation was with my family and being rejected looking back I should have at least visited once or twice it's not like I had to stay at the pack house my dad still owned our house he just moved to the pack house because it was easier. 

Micheal couldn't visit us because of his beta duties and dad only came once but that was when Alessandro was a baby. I stopped in front of a room with a double door and knocked twice before I heard a gruff 

"come in," 

I walked into the room with Alessandro close behind me. my dad was in his bed looking pale and sickly,

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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
lol. oh grandma...that would be a big No
goodnovel comment avatar
janet romkey
thank you for finally putting a disabled person in a story, as a mom of a child in a wheelchair it's that much more enjoyable for me. I can relate to the characters a little more especially because my child is like izzy in that he doesn't have much else different than everyone else.

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