Chapter Eleven

Jermaine's pov 

When I heard my mom ask Rosalyn if she would become the luna for our pack my heart sank because i thought she would say yes and even though I know it's wrong, when she refused I had almost burst with happiness. 

My brother is an idiot how could he reject someone so beautiful and obviously strong. I was so pissed at him and that bitch amber because of how they spoke to her so, when she left and headed for the woods I quickly grabbed some clothes from the spares we keep for putting in trees for when we shift in the woods. I called out to her as she was entering the forest, her wolf is pure white and absolutely breathtaking. She turned around when she heard me calling and sat in the grass waiting for me to catch up, I handed her the clothes and she seemed to catch my drift because she immediately took them and went behind a tree to change. 

When she came from behind the tree my heart skipped about four be

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
doesn't she need to accept the rejection to fully sever the bond? I'd say it's in her best interest so there is no lingering effect. she can take her dad back to Italy
goodnovel comment avatar
iris Milton
woah there! that's ya brother in law. your kids uncle. Sis, no. you don't date the fam.
goodnovel comment avatar
Philicia Campo
I hope she end up with his brother

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