Chapter Thirteen

Alessandro's pov

Recap: A blonde guy sitting at the end of the bench turned to me with a disgusted expression and said 

"isn't your mom that heifer claiming to be the alpha's mate so she can come between amber and the alpha because she wants to become the luna of our pack?" 

As soon as he uttered those words he was pinned to the ground with my foot pressing against his trachea; When everyone at the table gasped was when I realized I acted so fast I didn't even realize what I was doing. I sighed in exhaustion and annoyance as I ran my hand through my hair

Here we go again I thought to myself as I looked down at the boy beneath my feet who looks as if he's about to soil himself. 

My left foot is currently on a boy's throat and his friends are staring at me in shock and fear. I honestly don't want to be in this position since it would make my mom look bad because she promised alpha dumbass we would

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