Chapter Fifteen

Genevieve's pov

I followed Rosalyn out the hospital because I know she was hurting and as much as she won't admit it she needed someone by her side. We all know Alessandro is her life and it was clear that she would become feral if he was to die. I don't really understand what's going on but I could tell that mr black had something to do with it based on the fact that Rosalyn just beat the crap out of him and was about to snap his neck. 

"Rosalyn!" I called out but she didn't answer, she just kept on walking 

"Rose wait please" I tried again

"Go back inside Gen and leave me alone" she replied without stopping. 

I ran towards her to catch up and we walked in silence after that. We soon arrived at the lake behind the pack house and we sat under the biggest tree we could find 

"I know there's nothing I can say to make you feel better rose but I just want you to know that no ma

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Linda G
uh, Gen don't you think you should mention the Wolfsbane being injected into Izzy. that's kinda critical.
goodnovel comment avatar
Gracia Victoria Tacluban Tapuro
.for an alpha...your such an idiot like your father tho...u dont have balls and spine to stand up alone...pwehhh...
goodnovel comment avatar
Sandra León
It’s a lot of coins for each chapter and the story is being Repeat again in the next chapter what the hell...

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