Chapter Twenty Five

Michael's pov (6 months later)

"What the hell do you mean you don't know where he is!? Aren't you guys supposed to be able to track any supernatural creature" I yelled slamming my hands on the desk I was seated behind.

ke'shaun, dad and myself is currently in a meeting with the four men who led the werewolf council, after we had found Jermaine and Rosalyn and I briefed everyone on what had happened with Alessandro the four men sitting across from me now had later offered their help in finding Alessandro as he was once apart of their ranks. It has now been six months and we are still unable to find him, they had been tracking his movements based on the increase in rogue deaths over the past couple of months, at first we thought nothing of it until we got eyewitness accounts describing the killer and the descriptions had matched Alessandro to a T.

"Look beta micheal we know that your frustrated and angry, you have every right to be bu

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goodnovel comment avatar
It is really getting irritating and frustrating to read the same thing with different POVs. Author didn’t give an explanation as why Nora, Evan’s and Kevin wanted Rise and Jermaine to reject each other. What was the whole reason behind the capture and torture.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Michael you should scream,, your mother is alive

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